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Heads Up – News – Updates 6.05.2019

Calls to Action in Connecticut (vapor tax) and San Francisco (banning sales of vapor products while leaving combustible products legal.) Commentary questions CDC panic on vapor products, Michigan may be facing anti-harm reduction laws. Beverly Hills bans tobacco products – except for rich tourists and wealthy cigar smokers.

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COMMENTARY: “How can lumping small and large risks together possibly help people make healthy choices? Exaggerating the risks…might seem harmless, but it’s harmful if it gives people the impression that it’s so dangerous they might as well smoke.”

Are E-Cigs a Crisis? It’s Risky to Call Them ‘Unsafe’

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: (CALL TO ACTION!) Board of Supervisors considering ordinance banning the sale of vapor products in city. Means no vapor products allowed sold in shops or online. Meanwhile, combustible tobacco products will continue to be sold legally!

San Francisco – Stop Vaping Prohibition!

CONNECTICUT: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATED!) Budget bill HB 7424 is now being debated in the Senate. 40c/mL on e-liquid in “cartridges” and a 10% wholesale tax on open system products (includes devices and other hardware). TAKE ACTION TODAY!

CT – Fight back against Vapor Taxes!

MICHIGAN: (HEADS UP!) After finally getting around to prohibiting sales to minors under 18, governor calls very low risk vapor products “harmful,” is considering adding taxes, raising legal age to 21, curtailing internet sales.

Gov. Whitmer signs e-cigarettes ban for minors

BEVERLY HILLS, CA: (UPDATE) City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to ban, beginning in 2021, almost all sales of tobacco products, including smoke-free and vapor products. Wealthy patrons of cigar lounges and rich tourists in swanky hotels exempted.

Beverly Hills votes unanimously to ban most tobacco sales