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Heads Up – News – Updates 7.31.2019

Heads up Pima County, Arizona. City of Dayton, Ohio discriminates against hiring nicotine consumers. Dr. Rodu’s commentary on JUUL hearings. Wall Street Journal reports 7 million vapers in US no longer smoke.

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COMMENTARY: (Dr. Brad Rodu) “Make no mistake: the [House Committee on Oversight and Reform JUUL] hearings were about congressional grandstanding, not a discussion of what really threatens American teens.”

IN THE NEWS: Dayton, OH dictates what LEGAL activities employees may do in their OFF-TIME. Using ANY nicotine product, regardless of lack of health risks, is now grounds for denial of employment with the city. Imagine outcry if it was alcohol or caffeine!

Dayton stops hiring smokers, vapers; union worries about ‘slippery slope’

IN THE NEWS: WSJ reports that more than 13 million in US now vape, with well over 50% vaping exclusively. With cigarette sales declining faster than expected, it’s crystal clear that over 7 million “just anecdotes” have used vaping to quit smoking.

Marlboro Maker Hit by Slowdown in Cigarette Sales

PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA: (HEADS UP!) On Tuesday, Aug. 6, the Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to regulate low risk smoke-free products the same as cigarettes, including denying adults 18-20 who smoke access to safer alternatives!

Pima County may increase tobacco purchasing age