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Heads Up – News – Updates 8.22.2019

Heads Up for public use ban in Erie, Pennsylvania. A message from CASAA CEO, Alex Clark. Columbus, Indiana exempts vape shops from public use ban. Rob Lyons of Sp!ked has a commentary on Prohibition tactics.

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THE MORE YOU KNOW: A message from CASAA CEO Alex Clark. – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA: (HEADS UP!) 1st reading BANS VAPING OUTDOORS, with NO evidence of any risk to bystanders, in all 56 city parks, including 11 undeveloped and 12 non-playground parks. Possible 2nd read/vote on 9/4! Tell city council that laws should be evidenced-based!

Smoking ban for Erie’s public parks advances

COMMENTARY: (Rob Lyons, Sp!ked) Welcome to Prohibition 2.0! First they came for the smokers. Then the vapers. Then the soda drinkers and meat eaters. All OK because “it doesn’t affect ME.”

All ‘bad habits’ will soon be treated like smoking

COLUMBUS, INDIANA: (UPDATE) City voted 6-1 to include 60-day implementation period to allow Ordinance Review Committee to add vape shops to the list of exemptions. Not based on evidence, public vaping bans like this mislead the general public to believe vapor is a risk to bystanders.

City OKS public vaping ban — with a catch