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Heads Up – News – Updates 9.10.2019

Call to Action in New York City, New York. Redondo Beach, California takes first steps to pass flavor ban. Grand Island, Nebraska bans vaping in public. Health commentary about rash vaping legislation in Slate Magazine by Jacob Grier.

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CASAA has learned that the New York City council could vote as soon as THIS THURSDAY on an ordinance that would ban all flavored vapor and other tobacco products. This is serious and we need everyone in the city to respond!

NYC – [URGENT] Take action to stop a flavor ban

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) VAPING FLAVOR (including mint and menthol) & PUBLIC USE BANS (including streets, sidewalks, and parks) has passed at first reading. Second reading upcoming. Mayor wants to “take it to the next level and ban sales.”

Redondo bans flavored tobacco, public smoking

GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA: (UPDATE) Starting TODAY, vaping is banned in public. Despite a complete lack of evidence there’s any risk to bystanders, violations can carry penalties of up to $500. These laws are always the first step to taxes & flavor bans!

Public vaping ban begins in Grand Island on Wednesday; violators could be fined up to $500

HEALTH COMMENTARY: (Jacob Grier, Slate Magazine) “Lawmakers should refrain from introducing rash legislation that would force the approximately 3 million American ex-smokers who now vape to go back to a product that we know for a fact is likely to kill them. Such an action would not only put smokers’ lives at risk—it would also clear the field for Big Tobacco.”

Don’t Ban E-Cigarettes