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Governor Vetoes Florida Flavor Ban, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

via CASAA Twitter @CASAAMedia

Great news from Florida – the governor vetoed the Florida flavor ban! Rutgers calls out ignorant medical professionals. 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey has good news – so the ANTZ aren’t happy. UC San Diego puts out vape junk science. Informative Vaping 360 PMTA article by CASAA director Jim McDonald. Updates for California and Chicago.

RESEARCH BOMBSHELL: (Rutgers University) “Most physicians mistakenly believe that nicotine leads to cancer, and heart and respiratory diseases…even though it is the toxic substances in cigarette smoke and not the nicotine that causes the primary health risk.”

ANTZ LOGIC: Credit flavor bans, T21 & PSAs for the 2020 teen vaping decline. Ignore over 55% teens said “curiosity,” drove “current use” (ie. even 1 puff in past 30 days.) In truth, after most teens finally satisfied their curiosity, rate would have dropped over time, regardless.

EXPOSING ANTZ BIAS: In spite of the evidence of “shifting not quitting” that they can clearly see, ANTZ still think more bans will help. Failing to admit that kids will shift to whatever is on the market, including combustible cigarettes and cigars, if that’s all what’s left.

ANTZ completely ignore nearly 25 MILLION adults over 35 who smoke (about 71% of adults who currently smoke,) who still started smoking before “candy-flavored” cigarettes (definitely before flavored vapor products) were even on the market. They didn’t start because of flavors!

CHICAGO: (UPDATE) While Florida’s Governor DeSantis rejected the unscientific claims made about vaping and the Florida flavor ban, Chicago’s we’re-smarter-than-everyone city council decided to completely ignore the scientific evidence and ban flavors anyhow.

FLORIDA: (UPDATE) Thank you, Governor DeSantis for vetoing the Florida flavor ban! Understanding that banning flavors would send 100’s of 1000’s of his constituents back to smoking, eliminate jobs and create a black market—and that nicotine vaping has nothing to do with EVALI—Governor DeSantis has VETOED SB 810 – preventing a Florida flavor ban!

COMMENTARY: (by Jim McDonald, Vaping 360) “The rules that federal regulators created to tame the vaping “wild west” may wind up pushing vapers and small vape businesses even farther from the well-ordered “tobacco product” market FDA envisioned in its Deeming Rule.”

How Will the PMTA Deadline Affect Vapers and the Industry?

ANTZ JUNK SCIENCE: Imagine making conclusions about today’s devices using vintage technology & ignoring real life testimonials about those devices. That’s exactly what researchers admit, but still report the results as valid. Check out the industry connections in disclosures!

CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) A referendum has been filed to overturn SB 793, a #vaping flavor ban signed last week by Gov. Newsom. If it qualifies for the 2022 ballot, the ban will be suspended until state residents vote on it.

CALIFORNIA: (UPDATE) Horrifically, starting on 1.1.2021, it will be illegal to sell most flavored tobacco/vapor products in CA. Gov. Newsom signed the bill on Friday, which was (either misguidedly or maliciously) pushed by Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo).