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Heads Up – News – Updates 9.30.2019

Call to Action in Washington. Heads Up! for South Carolina and Delaware. Michigan lawsuit update. Ineffectiveness of Tobacco/Vapor 21 laws. Connecticut senator inadvertently admits truth. Michelle Minton opinion article calls out feds and media.

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WASHINGTON: (CALL TO ACTION!) @GovInslee announced Friday that he would be issuing an executive order directing the state Board of Health to ban all flavored vaping products, and says he’s just getting started. Attend the BOH meeting Oct. 9th!

WA – Emergency Alert! – Flavor Ban and Board of Health Hearing (10/09/2019)

RESEARCH: Are all Brits aliens? Because, according to US “experts,” vaping doesn’t help humans IN THE US quit, addicts non-smokers and is a teen smoking “gateway.” UK docs endorse vaping & see major success without those problems. So they MUST be aliens?

‘Majority of e-cigarette users are ex-smokers’ – Latest Pharmacy News | Business | Magazine – Pharmacy Business

OPINION: (Michelle Minton)

“Never let a crisis go to waste….With the aid of sloppy news reporting and biased announcements from federal officials, anti-tobacco advocates have successfully deceived the public into thinking that “vaping” is to blame.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: (HEADS UP!) Sen. Darrell Jackson @dj1one is pressuring Gov. @henrymcmaster to declare 4-month ban on ALL retail vapor products due to completely unrelated lung illnesses strongly linked to street drugs. Call & tell the governor the facts!

DELAWARE: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers in “early stages” of banning retail vaping flavors because of unrelated illnesses strongly linked to unregulated street drugs (that are technically already “banned.”) Note: Legislature is in recess until January.

Del. Lawmakers Take Aim at Vape Juice Ban to Protect Kids

BREAKING NEWS: (MICHIGAN) Federal court judges deny requests for a temporary halt to Governor’s emergency rules unfairly banning flavored retail vapor products. Both say they WOULD still consider the business’ requests for preliminary injunctions.

Judges deny requests for temporary halt to e-cigarette rules

BOGUS LAWS: More Tobacco/Vapor 21 state laws took effect this week. Are they evidence-based? Hawaii passed T21 back in January of 2016 & still has the 2nd-highest high school vaping rate in US, w/officials expecting to see another spike this year. So what’s the REAL agenda for passing these laws?

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Connecticut Senator Tony Hwang inadvertently reveals the REAL reason his state needs to join the war on vaping.

From a $306+ million Master Settlement Agreement windfall, “$277 million has been redirected to non-tobacco-related programs.”

How will they fund those programs without cigarette sales?

Sen. Tony Hwang (opinion): A call to action on vaping