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Illusory Truth Effect of Vaping and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

The Illusory Truth Effect of Vaping. Flavor ban in Columbus, OH. Vote “NO” on California  Prop 31. More vape researchers jumping the shark. Vaping reduced CVD risk. Tobacco flavor nonsense and more!

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“A public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 9, and more conversations with small businesses like Wednesday’s meeting are set for Nov. 16 and Nov. 30.”

Remind lawmakers that it’s ALREADY ILLEGAL to sell vapor products to anyone under 21, flavored or otherwise. Enforce existing laws before taking away life saving harm reduction products from adults!

READ MORE: COLUMBUS Meeting tackles both sides of proposed Columbus flavored tobacco ban

TAKE ACTION: Columbus Ohio: Stop a Flavor Ban!


A survey has been set up to gather community input on the FLAVOR BAN proposal. You can participate by following the link to the flavor ban survey in the Call to Action below. Take Action!

TAKE ACTION: Tempe, AZ: Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // California Prop 31

Be sure to encourage all of your friends and family to also vote “NO” on Prop 31 on November 8th to stop the unscientific and harmful vapor product flavor ban!!

TAKE ACTION: Vote NO on Prop 31!


The first reading for a flavor ban is scheduled to take place in early December, with the goal of activating a ban in April 2023.

READ MORE: South Portland flavored tobacco ban likely to come next spring

TOBACCO CONTROL // Illusory Truth Tactics

Illusory Truth Effect in action:

E-cigs cause EVALI.

There’s a teen vaping “epidemic.”

Vaping causes popcorn lung.

Flavors hook kids.

Nicotine causes brain damage.

Nicotine causes smoking-related diseases.

Teen vapers outnumber adult vapers.

There’s “little to no evidence….”

RESEARCH // Study Authors Blowing Smoke

If temporary “increases in blood pressure, heart rate & blood vessel constriction” shows “similar cardiovascular injury among people who use e-cigarettes & those who smoke combustible cigarettes,” then couldn’t the same be said for caffeine products?


This is yet another example of holding vapor products to a much higher expectation of “safe” than other consumable products. With caffeine, the same stimulant effects are considered “generally regarded as safe” unless one has pre-existing risks.

(See expert response below.)


READ MORE: People who vape had worrisome changes in cardiovascular function, even as young adults

RESEARCH // UK Scientists Admonish US Nicotine Vape/Heart Study Authors


“The same effect is generated by watching a thriller or a football match or sitting an exam. Drinking a cup of coffee actually produces a larger response of much longer duration.


The key heart health risks of smoking are not caused by nicotine but by other chemicals in tobacco smoke that are not present in e-cigarette vapour. The slant put on the [US study] finding is irresponsible as it can put smokers off switching to a much safer alternative.”


Vaping “poses a small fraction of the health risks of smoking in the short to medium term.”

READ MORE: Is vaping safe? Why UK scientists are calling new research on the effects of e-cigarettes ‘irresponsible’

CAFFEINE STUDY:  Caffeine and cardiovascular health

RESEARCH // The Non-Science of Flavor

One has to ask what, exactly, is artificial “tobacco flavor” supposed to taste like according to anti-harm reduction folks?

SIDE NOTE: Vanillin, ethyl maltol, ethyl vanillin and corylone are food additives also found in “unflavored” TOBACCO cigarettes.

READ MORE: High levels of sweet and fruit-flavor chemicals found in ‘tobacco-flavored’ e-cigarette liquids

RESEARCH // Vaping Reduces CVD Risk

“In this longitudinal study, approximately 32,000 American adults were followed for a period of 6 years (2013–2019) to assess the risk of cardiovascular diseases….”


“…the very strong and well-documented link between smoking and cardiovascular disease is simply not observed for vaping…”


These results are extremely important, because even though we already knew that e-cigarettes were safer than tobacco cigarettes, this is the first time that we have been able to quantify the reduction in risk associated with the transition from tobacco to exclusive vaping. It goes without saying that a one-third reduction in the risk of cardiovascular events has major implications in terms of public health and should prompt governments to encourage smokers to adopt vaping to reduce their risk of chronic diseases and premature mortality.

READ MORE: Replacing tobacco with e-cigarettes reduces the risk of cardiovascular events

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Blatantly Biased Reporting

Salon’s Pamela Appea has apparent flashback to 2019 while reporting on teen vaping; portrays billionaire-funded anti-harm reduction orgs as underdogs fighting a righteous war against “Big Tobacco,” while ignoring harm reduction for 42 million adults.

READ MORE: How schools (and parents) are losing the war against teen vaping

TOBACO CONTROL // Not Learning from Past Mistakes

This 1935 anti-marijuana flyer was too easily updated for 2022 anti-vaping propaganda. Now this kind of unscientific, moralistic hysteria is putting the lives of 42 million adults who smoke or vape at great risk. Have we learned nothing?

TOBACCO CONTROL // It’s Not About Saving Lives

An important reminder that tobacco control policies have never been about saving the lives of consumers or bystanders. It’s all about control and punishment. Why else would the anti-harm reduction organization Truth Initiative give employers loopholes to punish workers for tobacco/nicotine use AT HOME?

READ MORE: How to Handle a Hybrid or Remote Workers Policy for Tobacco Use

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