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Krishnamoorthi’s Vaping Witch Hunt, New Research and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Bridgeport, CT flavor ban update. Public health policy done right. Anti-vaping witch hunt. Exposing public health bias. CASAA in Action. New vaping research and more!

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CALL TO ACTION UPDATE // Bridgeport, Connecticut

City Council decides it’s probably not a good idea to be a flavorless island surrounded by a sea of municipalities still selling flavored tobacco and nicotine products after a push for a statewide flavor ban fails.

READ MORE: Bridgeport gives up on local flavored tobacco ban

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PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY // Anti-Vaping Witch Hunt

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi and other zealously anti-vaping politicians continue their unscientific, moral crusade against tobacco harm reduction products with a hearing entitled “An Epidemic Continues:  Youth Vaping in America.”


In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has refused to be taken in by the moral panic over nicotine vaping that has infected too many lawmakers in the US. Public health and the state’s small businesses are both better off for it.

While originally conceived as a bill to raise the legal age to buy tobacco to 21 (which is superfluous given this is already mandated by federal law), SB 810 effectively bans tobacco-free vaping flavors used by hundreds of thousands of Floridians as a reduced-risk alternative to cigarettes, which are more dangerous.”

~Governor DeSantis

READ MORE: Florida Protected Public Health by Rejecting Vaping Ban

CASAA IN ACTION // Global Forum On Nicotine

Check out Julie Woessner, former president and a current director of CASAA speaking on the Consumer Voice Panel at the recent Global Forum on Nicotine!


PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY // Exposing Research Bias

An obesity researcher tells a story of tactics being used against her that will be all too familiar to Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates:

“Some criticisms employed a rhetorical approach known as “paltering,” defined as the active use of truthful statements with the intent to deceive.”

READ MORE: The obesity wars and the education of a researcher: A personal account

RESEARCH // Vaping Flavors

A new study compares the brain’s reaction to flavored vs unflavored e-liquid and finds that flavors may “dampen the reward experience” of nicotine receptors, however, didn’t test unpleasant vs. pleasant flavors or how the so-called “dampening effect” may actually assist people who smoke transition away from cigarette flavors.

READ MORE: Flavored e-cigarettes may affect the brain differently than non-flavored

RESEARCH: Nicotine & Accidental Quitting

A study by Dr. Jonathan Foulds finds that people who have little or no intent to quit smoking (ie. potential “accidental quitters”) have higher abstinence rates using vapor products with nicotine delivery closer to what’s found in cigarettes.

READ MORE: Effect of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems on Cigarette Abstinence in Smokers with no Plans to Quit: Exploratory Analysis of a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

RESEARCH: Exposing Anti-vaping Bias

Jacob Grier discusses vaping reporting and government policy, specifically the double standard of widespread reporting and emphasis on preliminary research with negative outcomes while mostly ignoring conflicting research with positive outcomes.

READ MORE: The Vaping Study You Haven’t Heard Of

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