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Modernize the Predicate Date for Vapor Products!

By January 19th, Congress will need to come up with a plan to continue funding the government. This could be just another continuing resolution or we could be looking at real budget talks happening in the coming weeks. In either case, today, we have an opportunity to urge support for predicate date change language in the appropriations side of the 2018 budget.

Sending this message to Congress is even more important now in the wake of rogue efforts by some in the industry who don’t understand the need to modernize the 2007 predicate date. Their fundamental misunderstanding of the Cole-Bishop language in the appropriations bill (Sec. 753) is creating confusion among our supporters and eroding relationships that have taken years to build.

At the same time, those of you who live in districts represented by a co-sponsor of the stand-alone version of the predicate date change (HR 1136) will be sending a thank you message. As much as some in Congress need encouragement to support us, those who are already on our side need to hear that we support them.

Help us show Congress that we are unified in our support for changing the predicate date to August 8th, 2016 and that we are in favor of reasonable regulation that preserves consumer choice.