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Stanton Glantz’s unscientific crusade against vaping and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Marc Gunther on Stanton Glantz’s unscientific crusade against vaping. Call to Action update in Windsor, CA. Re-evaluation debunks Glantz’s vaping link to heart attacks. Bloomberg orgs called out for misinformation and more!

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On August 4th, the city council voted to approve an ordinance amending Chapter 11 of Title III of the Town of Windsor Code, regulating the sale of tobacco products and paraphernalia and requiring a tobacco retail license. This amendment would completely prohibit the sale of any nicotine vapor products. It also bans the sale of flavored tobacco products. This was the first reading with the second reading likely to happen at the next meeting. City officials seem unable or unwilling to see the harm in banning adult access to low risk alternatives to smoking, while deadly cigarettes remain freely sold in the city.

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RESEARCH // Countering Vaping Heart Attack Link

A new study by Drs. Clayton R. Critcher, PhD and Michael Siegel, MD, MPH, published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, finds “no reliable evidence that e-cigarette use is associated with ever having had a myocardial infarction among never smokers. Contrary to concerns that the harms associated with e-cigarettes are only now emerging after more years of possible product use, the only evidence of time-dependent variation in the association between e-cigarette use and myocardial infarction ran counter to this possibility.” The authors call for the scientific community to “engage in accurate public communication of peer-reviewed findings.”

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OPINION // Misinformation Threatens Tobacco Harm Reduction Efforts

Dr. Michael Madden calls out Bloomberg-funded organizations for their “well-intentioned but misguided and unscientific beliefs” in this Newsweek opinion piece.

Accessibility and acceptability (through flavors, cost, or other means) of alternative, safer tobacco products are key to tobacco harm reduction. Yet many government regulators and elected officials have allowed misinformed and misguided activists who refuse to discuss the science behind tobacco harm reduction to take the reins on this vital public health issue, while in other countries (Great Britain and New Zealand, for example), governments leverage tobacco harm reduction strategies to save lives.”
~Dr. Michael Madden

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PUBLIC HEALTH // Anti-Vaping Zealot Stanton Glantz

Marc Gunther writes about Stanton Glantz’s crusade against vaping, which has critics & former allies questioning his research. Mr. Gunther then followed that up with an article in Medium about the more controversial things about Glantz that editors left out of the 5,000-word Undark article.

Glantz and his powerful allies in the anti-tobacco movement — nonprofit advocacy organizations the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the Truth Initiative, as well as the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society — have mounted a campaign against e-cigarettes funded with $160 million from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Instead of inviting smokers to switch to vaping, Glantz and the nonprofits have promoted more traditional quitting strategies, including those involving the use of FDA-approved medications, while simultaneously working to ban e-cigarettes, tax them, prohibit the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, outlaw their use in smoke-free zones, and generally do whatever they can to stop both adults and children from vaping.

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PUBLIC HEALTH // Tobacco Control Out of Control

Anti-vaping zealot pushes a law to guarantee that train companies can never allow vaping anywhere–even if it’s proven beyond a doubt to be a benefit to public health and despite lacking any evidence of risk to bystanders.

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In response to a letter signed by CASAA and numerous other advocacy and industry organizations, Senator Rand Paul has written to the USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Click the link to read the both letters.

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