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Vaping and the Progress of Prohibition and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

The “Progress” of Prohibition. CASAA in Action. Public health lies about harm reduction. FDA’s “whack-a-mole.” Vape bans turn deadly. Australia’s “Special Kind of Stupid.” Vaping Baptists and Bootleggers. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Louisiana Flavor Ban!

HB 179 was reported out of the H&W committee with an amendment deleting the exemption for mint & menthol vapes. You can still buy menthol cigarettes, but it’s a BIG NO to switching to safer minty vapes!

TAKE ACTION: Louisiana – Stop a Flavor Ban

CALL TO ACTION // Maine Flavor Ban!

LD 1215 would put many adult lives back at risk by banning tobacco and nicotine products in any flavor (even “cooling”) other than “tobacco.”

A second hearing was held on May 18th!

READ MORE: Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

UPDATE! CALL TO ACTION // Nebraska Vape Tax!

An amendment to LB 727 by Senator Linehan would impose  a 10% retail tax for vapor products containing more than 3 mL of liquid and a 5c/mL tax for products containing less than 3 mL!

TAKE ACTION: Nebraska – Stop a Vape Tax!

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // The “Progress” of Prohibition

History shows us that banning drugs always leads to other drugs filling the demand, and the new drugs are frequently more dangerous than what they replaced.

So, what do they think will happen when they ban the low risk nicotine products that are replacing deadly cigarettes?

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Harm Reduction Should Be For Everyone

Hopefully this also means Governor Scott will reject anti-harm reduction legislation such as Vermont Bill S.18, which would bar access to thousands of affordable, appealing and very low risk products that are saving the lives of millions of adults who consume nicotine and tobacco.


READ MORE: Phil Scott signs overdose prevention legislation into law

CALL TO ACTION: Vermont – Stop a Flavor Ban!

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // EU Should Support Tobacco Harm Reduction

Is the campaign to stop people smoking cigarettes being held back by an impulse to ban all tobacco [and nicotine] products? The evidence suggests that nicotine-based alternatives to smoking, such as e-cigarettes have an important part to play, writes Political Editor Nick Powell.

READ MORE: HEALTHIgnoring the evidence: Is ‘conventional wisdom’ hindering the fight against smoking?

CASAA IN ACTION // LGBTQ+ Community Deserves the Truth About Vaping

CASAA CEO Alex Clark didn’t mince words in this Washington Examiner article:

“A $2.2 million grant to test the effectiveness of lying to marginalized young people is clearly a step in the wrong direction and risks further harming at-risk youth,” Alex Clark, CEO of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, an advocacy group supporting “reduced-harm alternatives to smoking,” told the Washington Examiner.

“While vaping isn’t risk-free, which is an unreasonable bar for any consumer product, it and other smoke-free options are proving to be a more popular and effective exit strategy from smoking than approved therapies,” Clark added. “Just because a person identifies as LGBTQ+ doesn’t justify lying to them about products that can improve or save their lives.”

READ MORE: Biden HHS spends millions on ‘anti-vaping’ social media campaign for LGBT youth


Guest Prof. Gerry Stimson on the World Health Organization opposition of THR and how that influences low- and middle-income countries.

Catch a new CASAA Live episode this Saturday at 4:30 PM EDT/3:30 PM CDT!

FULL EPISODE: CASAA Live | Hope for Harm Reduction with Gerry Stimson

TOBACCO CONTROL // Public Health Lies

Mississippi Department of Health lies about low risk vaping, falsely stating that “vaping is not safer,” that it will “will contribute to hypertension” and that it’s “an epidemic,” because more people vape than use cigars, hookahs & chewables (but, of course, they omit the fact that far more people still smoke deadly cigarettes than vape.)

READ MORE: E-cigarettes are linked to hypertension, and nicotine is the culprit

TOBACCO CONTROL // It’s No Longer About Saving Lives?

What happened to you, Tobacco Control? You started out trying to save people from dying from SMOKING. Now you have such zealous hatred of anything with NICOTINE that you celebrate banning safer products that are…saving people from dying from smoking?

#WorldNoTobaccoDay #Vaping


The FDA continues to play “whack-a-mole” with disposable vapes, pretending that is somehow “protecting our nation’s youth from tobacco products,” while also seemingly under the delusion that 20 others won’t pop up to replace whatever they whack down.

READ MORE: FDA Conducts Retailer Inspection Blitz, Cracks Down on Illegal Sales of Popular Disposable E-cigarettes

COMMENTARY // Flavor Ban Backfire

I walked past three…stores in hopes of picking up a disposable vape during a particularly tense afternoon. Thanks to these ridiculous flavor bans, I couldn’t get one anywhere in the city. I didn’t have any trouble finding a pack of Marlboro Red 100’s, though, so that’s what I got. I wonder how many of the Maine kids the legislature is trying to save will do the same.”

READ MORE: Unpacking the Sausage: Flavortown vs. Big Tobacco

COMMENTARY // Australia’s “Special Kind of Stupid”

It takes a special kind of stupid to engineer a situation in which you have high rates of both smoking and vaping  among teenagers, but Australia has somehow managed it.”

~ Christopher Snowdon

READ MORE: Australia: a special kind of stupid

TOBACCO CONTROL // Baptists & Bootleggers

Baptists and Bootleggers: When normally opposing interests both support regulation because one gets the moral high ground and the other profits. In this case, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and tobacco giant Reynolds both claim the moral high ground and both will benefit financially.

Consumers, on the other hand, just lose access to life-saving products.🤷‍♀️

TOBACCO CONTROL // Taking Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due?

New York Department of Health credits historically ineffective Tobacco Control policies for reducing smoking and vaping, including a flavor ban that they claim reduced vaping because…vapor product tax revenues have declined. They don’t mention the huge illicit tobacco and vape market in New York or that significant declines were also seen in states that DIDN’T ban flavors.🤔

READ MORE: New York State Department of Health Reports Indicate State’s Tobacco Control Polices Are Effective In Reducing Tobacco Use, Including Smoking and Vaping

TOBACCO CONTROL // Unintended Yet Predictable Consequences

Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates: “These bans will grow the illicit market, causing potentially deadly interactions with law enforcement, especially in low income and minority communities.”

Anti-Vaping Groups: “Nonsense. These bans will only protect teens from a predatory industry!”

News Report: “Aurora Police said Jor’Dell Richardson, 14, died in the shooting involving officers after a group of teens stole vape canisters from a convenience store.”

READ MORE: Teen robbery suspect ID’d who was killed in shooting with Aurora officers

RESEARCH // Um…‘Vapers’ Don’t Smoke

The headline suggests that vaping, separate from smoking, is “linked to symptom burden in cancer” survivors. However, buried in the Discussion section of the actual study was this: “Given the small number of current e-cigarette users, our analyses included all current e-cigarette users regardless of current combustible tobacco use.”  So how many of those people that they wrongly categorized as “current e-cigarette users” still smoked? Over 64%.🤦‍♂️

READ MORE: Current Smoking, Vaping Linked to Symptom Burden in Cancer

READ STUDY: Tobacco use and cancer-related symptom burden: Analysis of the US Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study

MEDIA MISINFORMATION // Dentist Website Lies About Vaping Risks

It is absolutely NOT TRUE that “all forms of tobacco are equally harmful to health.” Experts acknowledge there is a “continuum of risk,” with snus being relatively safe. This kind of misinformation is why people now think they may as well keep smoking.

READ MORE: Smoking is a Risk to Oral Health – All Forms of Tobacco Are Equally Harmful


Anecdote #13,521:

After smoking for 48 years, Dee Dee was finally able to quit with a vanilla flavored vape. If she hadn’t had the opportunity to try MANY flavors to find “the ONE” that worked for her, she would still be smoking!

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