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Vaping Doesn’t Cause Wheezing and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

New study finds vaping doesn’t cause wheezing. CASAA gets mentions in two articles. UK giving out free vape kits. Tobacco control prohibitionists keep lying. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Vermont Flavor Ban

S.18 would ban the sale of any flavored tobacco or nicotine product regardless of FDA authorization, including products that are allowed to be marketed as less harmful than cigarettes!

S18 has passed the Senate and is moving to hearings in the House. 

READ MORE: Vermont – Fight a Flavor ban!

CALL TO ACTION UPDATE! // Oregon Flavor ban

HB 3090 would ban nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco. This bill is moving to a meeting in the Joint Ways and Means Committee. We will update when a hearing date is announced!

READ MORE: Oregon – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // New York Flavor Ban

Governor Kathy Hochuk is proposing to ban flavors even for the few, far safer tobacco and nicotine alternatives to smoking that are still legally available for sale in NY. This isn’t just a ban on menthol cigarettes! She’s also proposing another tax hike!

TAKE ACTION: New York – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Minnesota Flavor Ban

SF2123 was ultimately passed and referred to the Senate State and Local Government and Veterans Committee. The House companion bill, HF 2177 (Rep. Ethan Cha, DFL-Woodbury) has yet to be scheduled for a hearing.

TAKE ACTION: Minnesota – Stop a Flavor Ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Nebraska Vapor Tax

LB 584, a 5c/mL tax on e-liquid scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, was pulled from the agenda, potentially for changes that may include a 20% wholesale tax which could mean a price increase from the original 5c/mL.

TAKE ACTION: Nebraska – Stop a Vapor Tax

RESEARCH // Vaping Not Linked to Wheezing

A new longitudinal study found that exclusive vaping was not associated with an increase in the risk of self-reported wheezing.

READ MORE: Assessment of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems With Cigarette Use and Self-reported Wheezing in the US Adult Population

CASAA In Action // Media Mention

The Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is opposing the ban over fears it would remove safer alternatives to smoking.

“Minnesota’s flavor ban would undermine any decision by the FDA allowing low-risk, flavored tobacco products on the market,” CASAA stated on its website.”

READ MORE: Minn. proposed flavor tobacco ban faces opposition

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // UK Government Gets It Right

In a world first (according to the UK government,) one million people will be encouraged to swap their cigarettes for a free vape kit, with even pregnant women being offered financial incentives to make the change.

READ MORE: Britain to encourage smokers to swap cigarettes for vapes

TOBACCO CONTROL // Delusional Prohibitionists

Tobacco Control has truly lost control of common sense…and reality.

“There’s evidence to show banning nicotine is beneficial to society.”

“We’ve put in place something that could actually create a tobacco-free generation.”

Can they even hear how delusional they sound?

READ MORE: Brookline Nicotine Bylaw Hopes To Create A “Smoke-Free Generation”

TOBACCO CONTROL // Docs Get It All Wrong

Pediatricians claim nicotine vape flavors should be banned because of EVALI (except that was caused by illicit THC vapes,) that there’s “no evidence” adults “require fruit and candy flavors to quit smoking” (except surveys show adults by far prefer non-tobacco flavors,) that it’s a “gateway to smoking” (except record low smoking rates have disproved that,) and that “toxic chemicals” in vapes pose a health risk (except they ignore “the dose makes the poison.”)

READ MORE: As pediatricians, we advocate banning flavored e-cigarettes to halt vaping trends

TOBACCO CONTROL // Self-serving Bans Only, Please

It seems like the anti-nicotine syndicate views safer alternatives to smoking as a greater threat (to them) than smoking is (to public health)? Would they still have purpose (and funding) if people were only using non-deadly forms of nicotine? 🤔

READ MORE: Tobacco sales phaseout withers in California without support from anti-tobacco advocates

TOBACCO CONTROL // Preventing Smoking Cessation

Palau’s adult smoking rate in 2000 was 30%. It dropped to 18.6% while vaping was legal. Smoking among men, however, is still at a whopping 28.5%.

Congratulations? You just banned even possessing a far safer product that was likely a big factor in your dramatic smoking decline.

TOBACCO CONTROL // A Dangerous, Irresponsible Lie

Their tweet says “not safe” (which is true, because nothing is 100% safe, including FDA-approved nicotine products,) but the graphic says “not safer.” This is a dangerous, irresponsible lie that will only convince people who can’t or won’t quit that they may as well keep smoking.

IN THE MEDIA // Showing Anti-Vaping Bias

This Medscape article opens with a story about a woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer after vaping for 7 years (never mind that she’d smoked for 40 years.) CASAA’s 13,000+ testimonials got a mention and a link, but the author said nothing about our mission to educate the public about tobacco harm reduction. She was keen to point out that CASAA accepts donations from the e-cigarette industry, though.🤷‍♀️

What she doesn’t tell readers is that the vast majority of our “industry” donors are small business owners who are mainly vapers who opened vape shops, and those donations are a drop in the bucket compared to the funding anti-nicotine groups get from tobacco company MSA payments and cigarette taxes.

READ MORE:  Should You Recommend E-cigs to Help Patients Quit Smoking?

IN THE MEDIA // Missing All of the Facts?

Another “vaping caused lung collapse” article, also filled with alarmist and very misleading claims about “links to heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.” While not mentioned here, these cases nearly always turn out to be tall, thin teens who are already at risk for pneumothorax.

READ MORE:  Jerusalem Post Health & Wellness E-cig causes collapsed lung in 16-year-old Israeli


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