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Adult Vaping Up, Smoking Down and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Adult vaping is up to 6% while smoking is down to 11%. A smooth-talking American Cancer Society director. Attempt to debunk vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking is a big fail. New York governor apparently wants to expand the black market.  Calls to Action in Vermont and Louisiana. Heads Up Cook County, IL and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // Vermont Flavor Ban

S.18 would ban the sale of any flavored tobacco or nicotine product regardless of FDA authorization, including products that are allowed to be marketed as less harmful than cigarettes!

S18 has passed the Senate and is moving to hearings in the House. 

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CALL TO ACTION // Louisiana Flavor Ban

HB 179, which bans vapor products in flavors other than “tobacco” and does NOT exempt products authorized by FDA, was passed by the Judiciary Committee and is expected to head to a floor vote in the House!

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HEADS UP! // Cook County, Illinois Flavor Ban!

County leaders claim flavored products “are hooking a generation on nicotine” and are “threatening to remove decades of progress,” but scientific data shows the exact opposite. In fact, flavor bans have been shown to INCREASE smoking.

READ MORE: Cook County introduces ordinance to ban flavored liquid nicotine

TOBACCO CONTROL // Treating Good News as Bad News

The US adult smoking rates have hit an all-time low of 11% in 2022, with 1-in-17 adults (6%) using nicotine vapor products. But the anti-vaping syndicate chooses to ignore all of the obvious health benefits, instead wringing their hands over very low risks. They also go out of their way to credit the smoking drop to their failed tobacco control policies — anything and everything but the fact that adults are increasingly switching to vaping.

READ MORE: US adult cigarette smoking rate hits new all-time low

TOBACCO CONTROL // Smooth-Talking Tricks

How clever. This American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) director starts out talking about teens smoking  unflavored cigarettes, then smoothly slips into talking about banning flavored “tobacco” products. (Mostly about nicotine products that don’t even contain tobacco.)

In 1999, before even flavored cigarettes were a thing, Vermont’s High School smoking rate was 33%. That’s not a typo–33% of high school teens in Vermont were smoking without ever trying cotton candy or fruit punch-flavored tobacco.

In 2009, the year that flavored cigarettes were banned by Congress, and before flavored vapor products were widely available, the smoking rate was down to 16%.

When teens started discovering vape “flavors” in 2015 it was at 11%. Now it’s at 6.9%. Hmm. It seems nearly 5X more teens smoked cigarettes before flavored “tobacco” existed than they do now. How does ACS CAN explain that?

READ MORE: Cancer advocates to lawmakers: Flavors belong in ice cream, not tobacco

TOBACCO CONTROL // No, You Didn’t Debunk Anything

The author of this article, an Australian tobacco control activist, claims to “debunk” the claim that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking by using the debunked link between nicotine vaping and EVALI; misrepresenting traces of “toxic” substances as being remotely close to those found in smoke; scaremongering by bringing up extremely rare “burns” typically caused by mishandling lithium batteries; ignoring that the “gateway to smoking” theory has been discredited by real-world, record low smoking rates, and exaggerating transitional dual use. NONE of which proves vaping isn’t STILL at least 95% safer than smoking. In fact, the only two valid risks she mentions–trace levels of some chemicals and the risk of mishandling–are the only reasons why vaping isn’t considered 99.99% safe.

Just as an example of how extremely anti-vaping Dr. Jongenelis’ views are, she once testified before the Australian Parliament that she agreed with the ridiculous statement that “smoking is more harmful than vaping but that does not make vaping harmless – in the same way that being hit by a car on the freeway is less harmful than being hit by a truck but it is not desirable.”

READ MORE: No, vapes aren’t 95% less harmful than cigarettes. Here’s how this decade-old myth took off

MEDIA MISINFORMATION // Fake News vs. Fake News

The author of this article first makes fun of her childhood friend for believing “fake news,” then proceeds to repeat a lot of fake news about vaping: the teenage vaping “epidemic” (2017-18 data), “high levels of formaldehyde,” “vaping is just as bad, if not worse for you than cigarettes,” vaping leads to smoking (gateway), doesn’t work for smoking cessation, vape flavors are for kids, etc.

READ MORE: If you vape you are going to hell

AROUND THE WORLD // Dutch Flavor Ban

Without a shred of scientific evidence of harm, the Netherlands has just banned low risk, tobacco-free nicotine pouches and smoke-free vaping where smoking is banned. Meanwhile, 1-in-5 Dutch adults still smoke deadly cigarettes.

READ MORE: Netherlands bans sale of all nicotine pouches

REGULATION // Expanding the Black Market in New York

According to The New York Post, Governor Hochul’s administration is “quietly trying to fire up support for a complete ban on the sale of tobacco products” in New York–a state where already 53.5% of the cigarettes in 2020 were purchased on the black market.


REGULATION // The More Deadly the Better?

If you mainly sell products that will save lives in Chesterfield, you must be at least 2,000 ft from schools, other vape shops and tobacco stores AND close by 8 PM. If less than 25% of your sales are deadly cigarettes, then you’re exempt from the rules. Where’s the logic and science here?

READ MORE: New zoning rule could change where you buy vape products in Chesterfield


Anecdote #13,519:

Tom’s story is an example of why it’s so important that safer alternatives are NOT subjected to taxes to create “parity” with deadly cigarettes. He may never have switched if vaping hadn’t been cheaper than smoking!

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