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Upcoming Research on Vaping Flavors and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Upcoming studies on vaping flavors. 2023 E-cigarette Summit. Where’s the journalistic integrity? Daily Mail goes full potato. Hawai’i makes quitting smoking more expensive. Former FDA scientist argues for flavors. Australia triples down on prohibition. WHO is really lying? Calls to Action and more!

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URGENT!! HB 635 originally would have taxed e-liquid at 5c/mL, which is bad enough, but an amendment has been introduced raising it to 30c/mL.

The HEARING is scheduled for this Tuesday, MAY 9th!

TAKE ACTION: Louisiana: Stop a Vape Tax!

CALL TO ACTION // Vermont Flavor Ban

S.18 would ban the sale of any flavored tobacco or nicotine product regardless of FDA authorization, including products that are allowed to be marketed as less harmful than cigarettes!

S18 has passed the Senate and is moving to hearings in the House. 

READ MORE: Vermont – Fight a Flavor ban!

CALL TO ACTION // Louisiana Flavor Ban

HB 179, which bans vapor products in flavors other than “tobacco” and does NOT exempt products authorized by FDA, was passed by the Judiciary Committee and is expected to head to a floor vote in the House!

READ  MORE: Louisiana – Stop a Flavor Ban!

RESEARCH // Upcoming Vaping Studies

Two interesting vaping studies are in the development stages at the Medical University of South Carolina: one to determine if non-tobacco flavors help more people successfully switch to vaping, and the other to see how menthol bans affect smoking rates and switching to vaping.

“The FDA is currently making regulatory decisions about e-cigarette flavors with incomplete scientific data. Smokers also prefer flavored e-cigarettes, and while there are a few survey studies suggesting that flavored e-cigarettes may be more helpful for switching to vaping, these studies are not rigorous enough for the FDA to base its regulatory decisions on. Our study will be the first to provide the FDA with definitive information as to the benefit, if any, of e-cigarette flavors to adult smokers.” ~ Theodore Wagener, Ph.D., director of the Center for Tobacco Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center


READ MORE: Hollings researcher considers effects of menthol and e-cigarette flavors for people who currently smoke cigarettes

TOBACCO CONTROL // Lies Have Consequences

Researchers “estimated that 450,000 life years will be lost” as a result of fewer people switching from smoking to vaping due to the information shock surrounding EVALI (thanks largely to the CDC conflating illicit THC vapes with nicotine vapes.)

READ MORE: Congress must hold CDC accountable for its vaping missteps

TOBACCO CONTROL // WHO is Really Lying?

“The tobacco industry continues to amplify misinformation in the media…”

And the World Health Organization “continues to amplify misinformation in the media” about low risk tobacco and nicotine products, HARMING public health by urging countries to NOT work with the tobacco industry to develop and promote LIFE-SAVING tobacco harm reduction products.

READ MORE: WHO and tobacco control partners urge countries not to partner or work with the tobacco industry

CASAA IN ACTION // 2023 U.S. E-cigarette Summit

On May 16th, CASAA CEO Alex Clark will be among the many Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates, scientists, public health leaders and members of tobacco control groups speaking at the E-cigarette Summit in Washington DC. Register soon — the venue is nearing full capacity!

READ MORE: 2023 US E-cigarette Summit

IN THE MEDIA // Ignoring the Obvious

So much for journalistic integrity. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single article – among the dozens about this news – that broached the topic of tobacco harm reduction or asked if the shift to very low risk vaping products could potentially be saving millions of adult lives.

As CASAA director Jim McDonald wrote for Vaping360: “Neither CNN nor AP suggested that the growth in adult vaping prevalence had anything positive to do with the decline in cigarette smoking. Far from it. Vaping was presented as a related risk.”


READ MORE: Adult Smoking Rate Drops Again as Vaping Climbs

IN THE MEDIA // Daily Mail Goes Full Potato

We wouldn’t be the least surprised if the next headline from the Daily Mail about vaping was:

“Vaping is an insidious plot by space aliens to destroy the human race!”

This article is as ridiculous as that (so we aren’t going to give them any clicks by sharing the link.)

REGULATION // Hawai’i Makes It More Expensive to Quit Smoking

Hawai’i just passed a tax relief package to “assist middle and lower-income families,” yet lawmakers also slapped a 70% wholesale tax on affordable, low risk vapor products that could not only help those SAME PEOPLE save money, but potentially save their LIVES.

READ MORE: Hawaii: Legislature Passes 70% Vape Tax

COMMENTARY // Former FDA Scientist Argues For Vape Flavors

Dr. Matthew Holman, who recently resigned from FDA Center for Tobacco Product as chief of the office of science, writes:

“Nicotine products authorized by the FDA have undergone an intensive scientific review. Banning these products simply ignores the robust science that is available.

The fact is that flavors appeal to adults. Millions of adults around the world have stopped smoking by switching to flavored innovative smoke-free products.”

READ MORE: Commentary: Let’s not leave adult smokers without better options

AROUND THE WORLD // Australia Triples Down on Prohibition

Ignoring the science and despite the fact nearly 2.1 million Australian adults still smoke, Australia doubles and triples down on keeping deadly cigarettes more affordable and far more accessible than very low risk vaping products.

READ MORE: Australia Amps Up Vape Ban, Vowing to “Stamp It Out”


Anecdote #13,519:

Tom’s story is an example of why it’s so important that safer alternatives are NOT subjected to taxes to create “parity” with deadly cigarettes. He may never have switched if vaping hadn’t been cheaper than smoking!

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