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Anti Vaping Propaganda, Calls to Action and more! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Consequences of anti-vaping propaganda. Calls to Action for Maine, Minnesota, Texas and Alaska. Heads up Delaware. New vaping research. Good and bad public health policies and more!

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LD 1550, which would ban the sale of vapor and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco (includes mint, menthol, and wintergreen) held a public hearing on May 7th.

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READ MORE: Maine – Stop a Flavor Ban!

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CALL TO ACTION // Minnesota

A 95% vape device tax is in the state omnibus budget bill. Contact Taxes Conference Committee members & urge them to reject more taxes on safer alternatives to smoking and keep the expanded vapor tax out of the budget!

READ MORE: Minnesota – Fight a Vape Tax!

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HB 211, which would significantly increase the cost of harm-reducing nicotine e-liquids, is moving to a vote by the full House. Please take action today and send a message to your state rep urging them to oppose HB211!

READ MORE: Texas – Stop a Vapor Tax! (HB 211)

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HB 110 would enact a 75% wholesale tax on e-liquids, vaping devices, and components. (HB 110 is the House version of SB 45). The House Finance Committee held a public hearing for this bill on May 7th.

CASAA is watching this bill closely. Join CASAA and follow us on social media for Call to Action updates and be ready to take action!

READ MORE: Alaska – Stop a Vapor Tax! (HB 110)

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HEADS UP! // Delaware

Rep. Melissa Minor-Brown and state attorney general Kathy Jennings are coming after your flavors, based on lies that “flavors hook kids” (national surveys show that youth don’t vape because of flavors) and that youth vaping is growing (surveys also show that it’s actually declining!)

READ MORE: Delaware must act to end sale of all flavored tobacco

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RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-vaping Research Bias

Without knowing how long “dual users” had been vaping or how much they smoked vs vaped, researchers decide it’s probably the vaping increasing the symptoms. Also found: exclusive vaping did not increase risk of new symptoms!

READ MORE: Dual Use of ENDS, Smoking Tobacco Increases Risk of Incident Respiratory Symptoms

RESEARCH // Correcting Anti-vaping Research

Researchers replicate study–allegedly linking vaping to respiratory disease–by Bhatta & Glantz. When they looked more closely at the never-smokers, they found “no evidence that current or former e-cigarette use is associated with respiratory disease.”

READ MORE: E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Disease: A Replication, Extension, and Future Directions

RESEARCH // Bad for Public Health

A new study suggests laws that were pushed through due to misinformation about EVALI and nicotine vapor products in Massachusetts actually caused an increase in smoking throughout Boston.

Filter Magazine’s Alex Norcia writes, “Even if their ultimate political goal was a flavor ban or exorbitant ENDS taxes, they can no longer pin the blame on EVALI. They cannot claim that their interventions protected public health; in fact, they may have to concede the reverse.”

READ MORE: New Evidence Links “EVALI” Vaping Misinformation With Increased Cigarette Smoking

OPINION // Tobacco Harm Reduction Policy

Misinformation around vaping continues to plague much of the media, state legislatures & the general public. In Florida, at least, the administration refused to be taken in by moral panic benefiting small businesses & better public health alike.”
~Adrian Moore and Guy Bentley

READ MORE: Florida setting the example on vaping regulations

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION // Advocacy in Action

Canadian vapers and vaping advocates let Toronto’s CN Tower know–in no uncertain terms–why a generic “anti-vaping awareness day” message is very bad for public health. Speak up! #VapingSavesLives

READ MORE: Toronto Vapers Are Up In Arms Over the CN Tower’s Latest Campaign

PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY // Consequences of Anti-Vaping Propaganda

Teen’s letter demonstrates how disinformation and junk science has misled people to believe vaping causes seizures, heart attacks and nicotine overdoses, and contain “over 4,000 chemicals,” including banned chemicals like DDT.

READ MORE: Vaping is too dangerous to be allowed to flourish unchecked

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