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Califf Surprised by Number of Vaping PMTAs and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf surprised; ‘overwhelmed’ by number of vaping PMTAs. Scientific review demolishes claims of vape toxicity. FDA finally getting closer to telling the truth about vaping. Kentucky vape retailers sue state over PMTA bill. Calls to Action and more!

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Below are the new and updated Calls to Action for this past week. To view all of the current Calls to Action, scroll down to “More Calls to Action” below. To view the current hearing events schedule (Facebook,) click the box on the right.


This bill would close hundreds of vape shops, cost hundreds of jobs and deny thousands of adults access to safer alternatives to smoking!

TAKE ACTION: South Carolina: Stop a Sales Ban!



A bill that would ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vapor products in Minnesota appears unlikely to pass this year, however, it still has a chance to be adopted during a conference committee between the House and Senate.

The flavor ban’s author is telling supporters that “we still need all the advocates and everybody to continue to write and push their legislators on both sides of the aisle.” Vaping advocates should do the same, except demand lawmakers OPPOSE the bill!

TAKE ACTION: Minnesota: Stop a Flavor Ban!



⚠️URGENT⚠️Legislators passed HF 2677, which will ban the sale of most #vaping products in the state. Urge Governor Kim Reynolds to VETO this bill and help save the lives of 358,000+ vulnerable adults in IA who still smoke!

TAKE ACTION: Iowa: Stop a Sales Ban!




Califf ‘Surprised’ by Number of Vaping PMTAs

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf told The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability that “No one anticipated there would be twenty-six million plus applications of vaping products. That is a bit overwhelming.”

Really? Maybe the FDA should have read the thousands of comments from Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates warning exactly that would happen.🙄

READ MORE: Hearing Wrap Up: FDA Has Stumbled from Crisis to Crisis



Harm Reduction is Winning

“Sweden is winning the war against smoking with a comprehensive approach to tobacco control that supplements traditional cessation and preventive measures with an all-important added element: giving smokers the opportunity to switch to safer alternatives.”

READ MORE: ‘Quit Like Sweden’ Global Effort Takes Off



EVALI Misinformation

“E-cigarette-/vape-associated lung injury (EVALI) refers to damage to lung tissue occurring as a result of e-cigarette utilization or via vaping of inhaled nicotine products.”

Years after it was discovered that vitamin E acetate in illicit THC vapes caused EVALI, researchers are still desperately trying to implicate nicotine vaping. Here they blame a patient’s illness on 10 years of nicotine vaping after 35 years of smoking. The patient also already had a history of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma:

“The patient initially presented to the clinic for the evaluation of a non-productive cough and exertional dyspnea beginning one year ago, with an associated new home oxygen requirement of 2 liters via nasal cannula. The patient’s past medical history was relevant for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma…as well as a social history relevant for a 35-pack-year smoking history.”

READ MORE: E-cigarette-/Vape-Associated Lung Injury as a Cause of Interstitial Lung Disease


Scientific Review Demolishes Claims of Vape ‘Toxicity’

A recent scientific evaluation of 65 studies by Dr. Brad Rodu and his colleagues “completely demolish all claims of alleged high toxicity of vape aerosols, particularly pronouncements like “contain toxic compounds,” some of which constitute rhetoric devoid of evidence or in some cases they are based on studies that we documented are unreliable.”

READ MORE: Are Vape Aerosols Really Toxic?



Tobacco Control’s Black Market Delusion

It’s delusional to believe the illicit market won’t grow when some adults can still buy the products when others cannot. It’s true that the duty gap (an illicit market indicator) did decrease in the UK since 2005, but they ignore the fact that the smoke-free products that they also want banned were available as alternatives to illicit cigarettes in that period. What happens when those are banned, too?

READ MORE: This new bill could wipe out smoking – the only losers would be those who profit from it


The Anatomy of a Moral Panic

This is an interesting and relevant article that doesn’t mention vaping, but it still explains the hysteria and ignorance around it.  Historian Stephen Davies explains, “Politicians and regulators often react to moral panics by introducing legislation and regulations that are at best unnecessary and wasteful, at worst seriously harmful. Sometimes, when the subject of the panic is real but exaggerated you have the problem of a sledgehammer being used to crack a nut, an excessive and overbearing response. When the panic concerns something that does not actually exist, you can have laws that severely restrict people’s freedom or impose serious costs on them for no good reason whatsoever.”

READ MORE: The Anatomy of a Moral Panic



FDA Admits ‘Relative’ Risks of Vaping

“For adults who smoke, switching completely from cigarettes to e-cigarettes MAY reduce exposure to many harmful chemicals present in cigarettes.”

The FDA is finally getting closer to telling the truth, but the science overwhelmingly shows that the correct word to use here is “will.” Because it’s been proven that switching completely to vaping will reduce exposures.

READ MORE: The Relative Risks of Tobacco Products



Vape Shop Owners Sue

Kentucky retailers have filed a lawsuit over the PMTA registry bill, calling it unconstitutional.

“We couldn’t survive that. There’s no way. It bans everything in our store. Like 98% of everything would be banned here.” ~ Vape Shop Owner Duane Tracy

READ MORE: Vape retailers file lawsuit over new law they call ‘unconstitutional’



The vaping panic is confirmation that ‘public health’ often doesn’t have much to do with health at all. A proper assessment of the evidence would conclude that vaping has been a massive success story, providing a safer alternative to cigarettes. But the anti-nicotine fussbudgets would rather we treat e-cigs – products that have been designed and regulated to be much safer than smoking tobacco – as if they were poison. This is madness. The public-health lobby is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”

~ Rob Lyons, spiked Magazine

READ MORE: The panic over vaping is pure hysteria


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