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Rhode Island – END a Flavor Ban!

current status




Signed by

03/08/21 – Hearing, House HHS committee. [recommended measure be held for further study]

02/12/21 – Introduced

H 5548 would repeal former Governor Gina Raimondo’s ban on sales of flavored vapor products, which has remained in place despite the resolution of the health scare prompting it.

H 5548 received a favorable committee hearing, this week, and needs to move to a vote on the floor of the House. In order to get this done, HHS Committee Chair, Representative Steven Casey needs to move the bill for a vote.

CASAA Supports H 5548 with recommendations for future, corrective legislation regarding certain aspects of how Rhode Island currently regulates tobacco and nicotine products. Specifically, CASAA is opposed to criminalizing purchase, use, and possession of tobacco and nicotine products. We are also expressing concerns about the prohibition on the use of certain flavor descriptors. CASAA encourages our members to support H 5548 and repeal the deadly flavor ban enacted by the previous administration.

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Flavor Bans

Take Action Now!

Rhode Island residents are encouraged to contact Representative Casey and urge him to move H 5548 to a vote in the house.

  • Contact Rep. Casey
  • Urge him to bring H 5548 to a vote in the House.
  • Tell him you support removing the ban on flavored smoke-free products.
  • Note any extra burdens you’ve experienced as a result of Gov. Raimondo’s flavor ban. (For example: Driving out of state to purchase vapor products, relying on unreliable sources for products, etc…)
  • Share your story with switching to vapor products and include any health changes you’ve experienced as a result.
  • Explain how flavors other than tobacco are important to your ability to quit smoking.
  • Be brief, be kind, and say thank you 🙂