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CASAA – Heads Up Round Up – 09.22.19

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the VTA conference and Hill day in Washington, D.C. One might expect the event to be a solemn occasion marked by lots of business owners holding hands and crying on shoulders, the event was anything but that. There is a renewed vigor and fight in the business community and responses from consumers are helping.

In just a matter of three days, tens of thousands of people responded to our call for emails and phone calls to the President and members of Congress. Those messages were delivered while business owners took to Capitol Hill on Wednesday and are continuing to be delivered as more consumers get involved. While there is still a lot of uncertainty within the industry about how federal regulations will shake out, it is clear that we need more consumer voices.

Rather than focus on all of the bad news from the past week (there’s plenty of that in the links below), I want to take a moment to share some gratitude to all of our volunteers who are managing our state Facebook groups and helping to build our army of consumers. If you haven’t joined your state group yet, you can find a link to it in our “Get Involved” tab, under “Find My State Info,” here.

Vaping has always been a from-the-ground-up consumer movement. Although we are in the midst of some very dark times, pulling together and supporting one another is absolutely an unbreakable feature of the vaping community–even when things are rife with drama.

So, without further ado, a warm and sincere THANK YOU to all of the people working behind the scenes to build our community and make this a better place to vape.

Alabama: Shane Oakley, Michelle Hughes

Arkansas: Jacob Hubbard, Justin Yeates

California: Daniel Downes, Anthony Barajas-Carver

Colorado: Brie Starr,Ryan Breault

Connecticut: Christine Solazzo, Joseph Jay Cooper

Florida: Ricky Bright, Cindi Kinch, Nicholas Aaron Seabolt

Georgia: Amy Mohon, Tammy Michaud

Illinois: Mike Olson, Jennifer Buksar

Indiana: Jennifer Buksar, Heather R. Miller

Iowa: Missy Adams, Anthony Willwerth

Kansas: Ominette Celli

Kentucky: Ryan McDanel, Matt Stinger, Chad Johns, Amber Storer

Louisiana: Bella Yuce, Joseph Bullet Blanchard

Maryland: Amber Hetrisk Perdue

Massachusetts: Nick Green

Michigan: Jonathon Schnittker, Debbye Saladine Thompson, Jessica Roland

Missouri: Tyler Williamson, Marvin Cosper

Montana: Tim Mahoney, Tammie Auras

Nevada: Desiree Weiss

New York: Corey Olivieri, Duane Bazazian

North Carolina: Frank Randazzo, Allen Davis

North Dakota: Dan Tipton

Ohio: Lisa Combs Church, Amber Storer

Pennsylvania:  Greg Henry, Becca Blair

South Carolina:  Chrissie Eagle Littleton, Goldie Cooley, Bridget Leigh Williams

South Dakota:  Lee Stricherz, Jeff Porter

Tennessee:  Allen Davis, Mikael Billiter

Texas:  Kenneth Greenwood, Angela Renee Garrity

Utah: Leann Rietbrock

Vermont:  Joe Fiorini

Virginia: Yvonne Settembrino, Marcus Mikesell

Washington: Brett Colley

Wisconsin: Robb Ryan, Kristin Noll-Marsh

West Virginia: Bruce Gowans, Michael Hammond

Wyoming: Matt Jenkins

Stay safer,

Alex Clark, CEO



This Week’s News:

Heads Up:

Tuesday, September 24 seems to be a popular day for pushing anti-vaping bills through various legislative bodies. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, it’s just a collection of what we have right now. Be On the LookOut!




Highlights: (Sept. 16) (Sept. 19) (Sept. 20)


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