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Heads Up – News – Updates 9.26.2019

Michigan Call to Action to SUPPORT a bill moving to block the flavor ban. Calls to Action for Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Heads Up! Bans looming for Virginia, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Recent poll finds ANTZ are convincing people vaping is no different – or even worse – than smoking. Bare shelves next to cigarettes in Massachusetts.

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MICHIGAN: (CALL TO ACTION!) HB 4996 would strip state’s DOH of the ability to ban manufacture/sale of vapor products.

Just 539 people have completed this Call to Action, which could UNDO the Michigan flavor ban. Folks, if you won’t stand up yourselves, don’t expect someone else will do it for you! YOU are CASAA! Take action now!

We need your help to get this bill moving! Take action NOW–>MI – Stop the Dept. of Health from Banning Vaping – SupporT HB 4996

PUBLIC HEALTH TRAGEDY: Poll shows more Americans are being MISLED to believe that vapor products aren’t safer alternatives to smoking or a good way to quit smoking. Most now convinced products need to be regulated like combustible cigarettes.

More Americans say vaping is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes: Reuters poll | Physician’s WeeklyMASSACHUSETTS: (EMERGENCY

CALL TO ACTION!) Vape shops being visited & shut down by law enforcement on Gov’s order. This is the most extreme (and outrageous) enforcement action to date. Consumers MUST RESPOND to this EXTREME GOVERNMENT OVERREACH!

MA – Emergency Alert! – End the War On Vaping!

RHODE ISLAND: (URGENT CALL TO ACTION!) Governor Raimondo is expected to announce an emergency order that would ban the sale of ALL vapor products that help adults who smoke TODAY. Tell her you OPPOSE this order! Call (401) 222-2080 NOW!

RI – Emergency Action! Call the Governor – Oppose the Vape Ban!

CONNECTICUT: (CALL TO ACTION!) Urge your lawmakers to resist calls to ban flavored e-liquid or going as far as enacting a Massachusetts-style total ban on sales of vapor products. Take Action NOW – Make A Call & Send A Message!

CT – Stop a Ban and Extreme Regulation on Vaping!

VIRGINIA: (HEADS UP!) @GovernorVA may issue “ban on vaping” in near future. Unclear if he intends to ban the new street drugs making people deathly ill or the legal nicotine products that have been helping adult smokers for over a decade without issue.

Gov. Northam considering ban on vaping in Virginia

MAINE: (HEADS UP!) Sen. Rebecca Millett introducing a bill to ban sale of all vaping products in the state until they have FDA approval. No worries. FDA-protected combustible cigarettes will still be sold throughout the state.

Maine lawmaker to introduce bill to ban sale of vaping products

VERMONT: (HEADS UP!) @GovPhilScott exploring whether the state should institute a ban on the sale of vaping products. He must like the pictures like this coming out of MA, showing cigarettes without competition, bringing in tax revenues and MSA funds.

Vermont considering banning sale of vaping products

NEW HAMPSHIRE: (HEADS UP!) “Thanks” to Rep. Knirk, ALL flavored vapor products that “obviously target teens, not adult smokers” would be banned. Adults who vape can buy the mint, orange, cinnamon, cherry or fruit chill nicotine gums that don’t target teens.NH lawmaker proposes flavored e-cigarette ban | News