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Dropping Facts About Snus and More! Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Dropping the facts about snus. Media can’t let go of 2019 youth vaping data. Black Americans deserve real tobacco harm reduction options. The importance of vape shops. Court keeps Multnomah County ban on hold. Multiple Calls to Action and more!

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Below are the new and updated Calls to Action for this week. To view all of the current Calls to Action, scroll down to “More Calls to Action” below. To view the current hearing events schedule (Facebook,) click the box on the right.



Note: A hearing was held on February 28 at 1:30 PM.

HB 65 would put independent vape shops out of business, and thousands of people at risk of returning to smoking, or delaying attempts at quitting.

TAKE ACTION:  Alabama: Stop a Big Tobacco Protection Act!



Note: A hearing was held on February 28th at 3:00 PM

HB 1260 would put independent vape shops out of business and severely reduce access to thousands of vape products people depend on! 

TAKE ACTION: Georgia: Stop a Big Tobacco Protection Act!



Note: A hearing was held on February 29 at 9 AM.

🛑Public comment will not be accepted at this hearing, so sending an email TODAY is the only way to share objection to this anti-vaping bill!

TAKE ACTION: South Carolina: Stop a Big Tobacco Protection Act!



⚠️UPDATE: More anti-vaping PMTA bills have been introduced!


HB 1197 – Tuesday, March 5 at 1 PM

House Economic Matters Committee

SB 987 – Thursday, March 7 at 1 PM

Senate Finance Committee

TAKE ACTION:  Maryland: Stop a Big Tobacco Protection Act!



⚠️A HEARING has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th at approximately 4:30 PM!

H 7225 is a “must-pass” budget bill that would tax #vaping products at an outrageous 80% of the wholesale price!

TAKE ACTION:  Rhode Island: Stop an Outrageous Vape Tax!



⚠️URGENT⚠️ HEARING scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th at 10:30 AM!

HF 2177 would BAN sales of nicotine and tobacco products in FLAVORS other than tobacco, even if they’ve been authorized by FDA!

TAKE ACTION:  Minnesota: Stop a Flavor Ban!


Outdated Data

Despite the availability of far more recent data, this Des Moines Register reporter “inexplicably” uses 5 year old data from 2019 (which, conveniently, was the peak of the youth #vaping trend.)

Anyhow, had they asked, our tip would be to switch to an open system that allows consumers to “step down” to ZERO nicotine. It’s by far the easiest way to quit nicotine that our members have experienced!

READ MORE: Are you trying to quit vaping? So are a lot of Americans.

Lying About Snus

Below is a quote from an article titled “Horrible mouth condition that could arise from using white Snus”)

“Because Snus is so new to the market, there hasn’t been much research on the matter.”


This is absolutely untrue. Snus has existed for 200+ years with more than 250 published studies on it’s safety going back over 30+ years.


The 2023 study mentioned, ‘Emerging Oral Nicotine Products and Periodontal Diseases’ doesn’t even study actual snus users. It just reviews previous studies and many of the studies cited were NOT snus studies, but rather completely different products like “chew” & gutkha.


Dr. Brad Rodu, DDS, is a published expert on tobacco harm reduction and snus research. In 2011 he reported on a study of actual snus users that found “no significant association between gingivitis and periodontal disease experience and snus use.”


There is the exact same risk of periodontal disease from FDA-approved nicotine lozenges/gums, because they are similarly “parked” between the gums and cheek.


Yet the FDA announced in 2013 that those products could safely be used long-term.


To decrease the risk of periodontal disease, with or without the use of snus, smoke-free tobacco, nicotine gum or nicotine lozenges, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene. Dr. Rodu and the CASAA Live team discussed oral nicotine use and hygiene in this short clip👇





An important message with so many anti-vaping bills popping up right now! Vaper-turned-shop-owner-turned-THR advocate Marc Slis on what lawmakers told him is the most powerful testimony at hearings.



Importance of Vape Shops

Speaking of Marc Slis, every vape shop should ask all of their customers if they can share their vaping stories like this on social media. The misled and misinformed public needs to see the vital importance of the community service vape shops provide for adults who would otherwise be smoking!


Black Americans Deserve Real Tobacco Harm Reduction Options

“Last year, Earl Fowlkes, the Democratic National Committee caucus chair for Black and LGBTQ+ issues and the head of the Center for Black Equity, commissioned research confirming that switching to less harmful nicotine alternatives can provide effective smoking cessation benefits for marginalized groups facing tobacco-related illness.”


“If the FDA and CTP expect the Black community to take seriously their stated commitments to health equity – as more than continued deception by the U.S. public health establishment, the memory of which is all too familiar to Black Americans – they must approve e-cigarettes and other less harmful, non-tobacco nicotine products. Now.”

~ Bob Beamon, US Gold Medalist, philanthropist and activist in Black communities

READ MORE: Black Americans deserve real tobacco harm reduction options

Science is Clear on Harm Reduction

As evidence grows, FDA continues to limit  access to these potentially life-saving products.  Only older closed systems with tobacco flavor have been approved.

“The science is clear, and the evidence must not be ignored: Reduced-risk products save lives.”

READ MORE: The FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products Ignores the Science of Tobacco Harm Reduction


Multnomah County Flavor Ban Still on Hold

A ban on flavored tobacco [mainly intended to target vapor products] passed by Multnomah County commissioners will remain on hold indefinitely after a county appeals court decided to extend its stay while a lawsuit intended to overturn the ban goes forward.

READ MORE: Multnomah County’s ban on flavored tobacco will remain on hold, court decides


Adult Vaper Survey

Researchers are about 1,000 vapers short of the population sample needed to complete this survey! If you haven’t yet, please take the survey and then SHARE it to vaping, vape manufacturer and vape shop accounts! If you’re a vape shop or manufacturer, please share with customers!

Click here: USA – Vape Consumer Survey 2023



This is the first episode of a new mini series, “Vaping Frontlines,” where CASAA speaks with vapers who have become THR advocates, and have personally dealt with the impact of anti-THR regulation and legislation on their lives and/or business.

In this episode, CASAA CEO Alex Clark and CASAA Member Coordinator Kristin Noll-Marsh discuss the impact on vape shops and their customers with special guest Marc Slis. As a vaper and vape shop owner in Michigan, Marc has made it his mission to bring tobacco harm reduction to his community and speak out to lawmakers.

Catch the next show LIVE Saturday, March 9th, 2024 at 4:30PM ET/3:30PM CT!

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