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FDA Authorizes First Vaping Products and More! – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

FDA’s historic first authorization of a vaping device and a rejection reversal for another company’s application. Exposing bad vaping research. Heads up Sacramento. Calls to Action and more!

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CALL TO ACTION // National Nicotine Tax

A proposed federal tax on far safer alternatives to smoking will disproportionately impact the very communities who need more support not more stigma and financial burden. Harm Reduction should not be discouraged! Take Action!

TAKE ACTION: Stop an Excessive Federal Tax on Safer Nicotine Products

CALL TO ACTION // Washington County, Oregon Flavor Ban

What started as limiting sales of flavored products to adult-only locations is now a full-blown FLAVOR BAN and banning discounts/coupons. The next opportunity for a public hearing is Oct. 19th at 10:00 AM!

casaa cta flavor ban

TAKE ACTION: Washington County, OR – Fight a Flavor Ban!

HEADS UP! // Sacramento County Flavor Ban

Lawmakers claim they want to end sale of “candy” flavored tobacco and nicotine products, but the fact that they include “menthol” in this category suggests that they really mean “everything but tobacco flavor.”

READ MORE: Why Sacramento County leaders want candy-flavored tobacco to go up in smoke

IN THE NEWS // FDA Issues First PMTA Decision

FDA issued “marketing granted” orders to RJ Reynolds for its Vuse Solo with tobacco-flavored pods. The tobacco giant’s brands include Newport and Camel cigarettes, and the Eclipse “heat-not-burn” device, which was authorized by FDA in 2018.

The FDA also stated that it had “also issued 10 Marketing Denial Orders (MDOs) for flavored ENDS products submitted under the Vuse Solo brand by RJR. These products subject to an MDO for a premarket application may not be introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce.”

Meaning, even a huge tobacco company couldn’t get any non-tobacco flavors authorized. Their menthol products are still under review.

READ MORE: FDA Permits Marketing of E-Cigarette Products, Marking First Authorization of Its Kind by the Agency

IN THE NEWS // FDA Reverses Turning Point Brands Rejection

FDA claims to have accidentally overlooked the “randomized controlled trials comparing tobacco-flavored ENDS to flavored ENDS as well as several cross-sectional surveys” submitted with Turning Point’s PMTAs; reverses marketing denial order.

READ MORE: FDA Backs Down, Rescinds Turning Point Brands’ MDOs

RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Bias

Mishandling & misunderstanding of the products leads to misinforming the public! Yet again, it looks like researchers overheated devices (3 second “puffs” every 10 seconds for a total of 300 puffs!) that created “trace” amounts of numerous known and unknown chemicals. Of course, they then express concern over the presence of chemicals, ignoring the well-established fact that “the dose makes the poison.”

Furthermore, it seems their mistaken belief that “tobacco” flavor is a natural extract leaves them confused by traces of caffeine. They say it would make sense for coffee and chocolate flavors to contain trace amounts, but not tobacco flavor. Clearly, they don’t understand that “tobacco” flavors in e-liquid are actually a mix of natural and artificial food flavorings, including chocolate and coffee flavors.

The study authors then take this opportunity to imply that manufacturers are inexplicably spending money to add trace amounts of caffeine to e-liquid (called an “added jolt” by one study author) that wouldn’t even be felt by consumers and without advertising that added benefit to their customers.

READ MORE: Nearly 2,000 unknown chemicals found in vape liquids and e-cig aerosols

RESEARCH // Exposing More Anti-Vaping Bias

This anti-vaping study pours e-liquid on gut cells, followed up by exposing mice to vapor and finds adverse effects. The authors conclude from their results that vaping causes “leaky gut” and “inflammation.” Predictably, they fail to note that–with millions of people vaping around the world for over a decade–there’s no real world evidence this inflammation or subsequent health effects is actually happening in humans.

Furthermore, the study seems to have found that the effect is only found in nicotine-free e-liquid, leading some critics to wonder if that implies that nicotine somehow counters the inflammation and leaky gut effects!

READ MORE: Gut Inflammation Triggered by E-Cigarettes

COMMENTARY // Illiberalism of Prohibitionism

If you haven’t read Jacob Grier‘s article yet, read it now. (We also recommend reading his book.)

At the same time, the lethal conventional cigarettes that take the lives of more than 400,000 Americans every year remain almost entirely unchanged after more than a decade of FDA regulation and they are legally available in any convenience store. Many people who currently vape and are losing access to the products they prefer will likely end up switching to cigarettes….

There is a basic lack of consideration for the smokers and vapers most affected by the FDA’s bans that makes them so much easier to enact.”
~ Jacob Grier

READ MORE: Respecting the Agency of Smokers: the Liberalism of Harms Reduction and the Illiberalism of Prohibitionism

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