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Heads Up – News – Updates 1.10.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for January 10, 2019. Cities in Illinois, Idaho and the state of New Mexico want to pass laws which increase health risks for smokers and vapers, Kentucky tobacco tax doesn’t have intended impact so proponents play up reduced smoking, Michael McGrady talks about vaping regulations between countries…

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (KENTUCKY) Just reducing smoking (not good enough when vaping) IS good when the result of taxes? ANTZ touting “50% changed behavior,” but reality is just 26% even ATTEMPTED to quit. On plus side, 25% of KY smokers have tried vaping. 

Half of Kentucky smokers say higher tax is making them quit – or at least try to quit

OPINION: (Michael McGrady) Regulating Vaping While Understanding Policy Comparisons: Comparing US, UK and Australia’s regulatory policies on #vaping. 

On its current course, “It’s possible the e-cigarette category all but disappears” in the US 2019.

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO: HEADS UP! Smoke Free Idaho public presentation at City Hall on Jan. 16, 4-6 PM, to prohibit private businesses from catering to #vaping clients. Their smoke-free model includes vaping despite lack of evidence of risk to bystanders. 

Public input session on proposed smoking ordinance is Wednesday

NEW MEXICO: HEADS UP! State lawmakers push to increase taxes on #vaping products, additional 5¢/ml of liquid would be added. That would cost vapers about an extra $3 on 60 ml. Sen. Sanchez openly admits it’s about revenue, not health.

 State lawmakers push to increase taxes on cigarettes, e-cigs

DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS: HEADS UP! Law prohibiting adult #smokers 18-20 years old from buying, using or possessing low risk #vaping products expected to return before the council for a final vote on Jan. 22!

Des Plaines aldermen propose raising age for tobacco sales, possession to 21