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Heads Up – News – Updates 1.9.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for January 9, 2019. Tobacco harm reduction news for January 9, 2019. Cities in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Arizona increase health risks for smokers and vapers, Wisconsin doctor suggests smoking safer than vaping, Connecticut lawmaker wants to ban flavors, tax vapor products, prohibit truthful ads….

WOODRIDGE, ILLINOIS: HEADS UP! Village considering denying adult #smokers 18-20 access to low risk #vaping products. PUBLIC MEETING at village hall on Jan. 17th at 6 PM or email comments to

Lisa Marie Farver –  The Patch

Woodridge Considers Raising Age To Buy Tobacco, Vape Products

IN THE NEWS: (WISCONSIN) Dr. Tim Sanborn from @NorthShoreWeb outrageously suggests #smoking is safer than #vaping. “Lungs can heal from tobacco smoking, but (e-liquids) contain oils which cling to and destroy lung tissue,” he said.

Dangers in the vapor: Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices may pose health hazards

ROSS TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA: HEADS UP! City preparing to ban use of low risk #vaping products in OUTDOOR township spaces.

Ross considering measure to snuff out tobacco, vaping in township parks and buildings

IN THE NEWS: With youth #tobacco use dropping from 17.3% in 2014 to 13.6% in 2017, #vaping opponents must turn to cherry-picking use of flavored products to scare the public. The fact remains that actual TOBACCO use is declining regardless of flavors.

Flavored tobacco use rising in U.S. kids as vaping takes off | Reuters

IN THE NEWS: (USA) @Rosa_DeLauro announces federal “Youth Vaping Prevention Act” intended to reduce youth #vaping, but plan also threatens adult #smokers switching by increasing cost, eliminating preferred flavors and restricting truthful advertising.

Federal, state lawmakers take aim at vaping ‘epidemic’

OPINION: (FDA) Citizens Against Government Waste issues letter calling for FDA to embrace harm reduction, approve modified risk tobacco product application

CAGW: FDA Should Embrace Harm Reduction, Approve Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application

ARIZONA: HEADS UP! Sponsor of e-cigarette bill wants tobacco-free #vaping products classified as #tobacco

Sponsor of e-cigarette bill wants vaping products classified as tobacco

DECATUR, ALABAMA: HEADS UP! City Council seeks to prohibit businesses from catering to #vaping customers, city attny says vaping is “a distraction” and “possibly” a health issue, although there is no actual evidence vapor posses health risk to bystanders.

Council considering ban of e-cigarettes in public buildings

OPINION: (Raymond March, Independent Institute) “Teen Vaping Is Bad, but the Alternative Is Worse – trade-offs we face to reduce teen vaping rates will only make an already difficult situation worse.”

Teen Vaping Is Bad, but the Alternative Is Worse