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“Vape Experts” Have No Expertise, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Heads Up in New Mexico, California and Vermont! Why to oppose public use bans. CASAA CEO Alex Clark in the news. Vape junk science. New research. Truth about EVALI. More ANTZ lies.
 City bans sale of flavored vapor & low risk tobacco products. City staff falsely claimed CDC data showed increased youth “smoking” when actually shows youth smoking at record low & 77.7% youth DON’T cite flavors as reason they tried vaping.Imperial Beach bans flavored tobacco products
 County will have SECOND VOTE TUESDAY JAN. 28th on 1 year BAN of flavored vapor products, illogically based on lung injury outbreak that CDC has officially linked only to tainted THC cartridges. CONSUMERS need to be heard!

Supervisors pass vape ban
 Bills introduced in House & Senate ban sales/free samples of all flavored tobacco/vapor products amid baseless concern over “use of flavorings to attract young people,” but CDC data shows 77.7% youth DON’T cite “flavors” as reason they tried vaping.
 Senate bill S.288 (House version introduced Tuesday) not only BANS the sale of non-tobacco flavors in vapor products, but also prohibits the POSSESSION of a flavored tobacco or vapor product even by adults over the age of 21 years!

See draft of Vermont Senate bill banning sale and possession of flavored tobacco and vapor products here: As Introduced.pdf
 Yet another municipality takes public use bans to extremes by banning not only smoking indoors, but also NICOTINE use OUTDOORS in city parks. ZERO scientific evidence of risks to bystanders with smoke-free nicotine products outdoors!

This is another reason why CASAA opposes incl. vaping in smoking bans. May seem “reasonable” to prohibit vaping where smoking is banned, but locations ALREADY have the right to prohibit vaping & bans are expanding into other public & private areas without any scientific or rational basis!

City Adopts Policy That Makes Parks Nicotine And Tobacco Free – – Butler, PA
 “The variety of flavors is the product,” said Alex Clark, CASAA’s chief executive. “There’s a lot of pouring salt on wounds here.”

From Clark’s perspective, small vape shops have suffered disproportionately to the industry’s big players…

Vape shops battle perceptions, policies in effort to stay viable
 Family blames/sues nicotine vapor product company for son’s lung illness and “addiction” despite the fact that he suffered no adverse effects until he started vaping (likely tainted) THC cartridges NOT sold by the company. #QuitLying

From healthy prep athlete to hospital bed fight for his life, suburban teen warns of dangers of vaping
 Surgeon General report irrationally focuses on smoking cessation for a product that isn’t advertised as a NRT, but a safer smoking REPLACEMENT. Requiring 100% safe is disingenuous. Even NRT isn’t 100% safe, only “generally regarded” as safe.

However, on the plus side, the report contradicts common ANTZ claim that there is “no evidence” that vaping helps adults quit smoking (says there IS evidence) and admits adults who completely replace smoking with vaping can achieve “meaningful health benefits.”

U.S. Surgeon General update has mixed message on e-cigarette effectiveness
 Study finds former smokers experienced accelerated declines in air they can exhale during a forced breath FOR DECADES after cessation, providing more evidence vaping research is significantly affected by subjects’ smoking history. #QuitLying

Rutgers Vaping Expert Available to Discuss New Jersey’s Law Banning Vaping Products

Sorry, we’re still laughing too hard at the oxymoron of “Rutgers University” & “vaping expert” to read the whole PR, but have seen enough past “research” coming from RU to know it’s based on ANTZ ideology rather than truth-seeking.

For added reference to Rutgers University’s “expertise,” watch this video of a RU student researcher seeking assistance at a vape shop for a leaking tank – caused by firing the device without providing any airflow – and admitting RU “hates vaping.”

 American Heart Association’s SHOCKING #QuitLying campaign letter LIES to teens about vaping, incl. suggesting nicotine content equates to harms from smoking, using disproven “gateway” claim, vaping causes diseases, conflating nicotine products w/tainted THC, etc.

‘Quit Lying’ campaign takes on tobacco propaganda