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NYU Study Finds No Teen Vaping Epidemic, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York! Heads Up in Maine, Florida and Kentucky. Vape junk science looks at teen seizures. New research debunks “teen vaping epidemic.”
VERMONT: (CALL TO ACTION!) S 288 (outlawing ALL flavored vapor products except tobacco flavor) is scheduled for a hearing on JAN 30th BUT testimony is invitation-only! TAKE ACTION NOW! Send your officials a message urging them to reject this legislation!VT – Stop Flavors Prohibition (S. 288)!
NEW HAMPSHIRE: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Two bills, HB 1410 (flavor ban) & HB 1624 (temporary sales ban), are scheduled for ANOTHER public hearing on THURS, JAN 30 @ 9:00 AM! Please make plans to attend this hearing and/or click link to SEND A MESSAGE!NH – Stop a Flavor ban and Sales Ban (Public Hearing)
NEW YORK: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) S 7050 has a twin (A 9553) in the Assembly which means this ridiculous product standard (requiring vapor products to impossibly be free of any trace of metals, regardless of toxicity level, ignoring “the dose makes the poison”) is likely to move fast. Take action by commenting directly on the bill and sending a message to your officials!

NY – Stand Up To Vaping/Flavor Bans!
MAINE: (HEADS UP!!) Citing EVALI back in September (now shown to be UNRELATED) Senator’s bill banning nicotine vapor products (exempting cannabis sold by dispensaries) until FDA-approved has committee PUBLIC HEARING on FEB 5th @ 8AM, Cross Bldg in RM209!

Maine introduces a ban to prohibit the sale of vaping products – The Maine Campus

Link to text and committee information for LD 2052 & SP 725 banning sale of e-cig/vapor products: LD 2052, SP 725, Text and Status, 129th Legislature, Second Regular Session
RESEARCH: NYU School of Global Public Health study (published this month in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research) of NYTS data finds essentially what we’ve been saying all along–there is no “teen vaping epidemic” and no “gateway” effect!


Most Young People Do Not Vape, and Even Fewer Vape Regularly
VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: Dr. Neal L. Benowitz’s editorial in Journal of Adolescent Health, “Seizures After Vaping Nicotine in Youth: A Canary or a Red Herring?” takes a scientific look at “link” between vaping and teen seizures but seems to find a lot of junk.

Seizures After Vaping Nicotine in Youth: A Canary or a Red Herring? – ScienceDirect
PALM COAST, FL: (HEADS UP!) Councilman Howell still proposing laws mostly covered by state law (ie. public use ban, selling vape equipment to minors.) We aren’t sure what he’s up to, so residents/businesses should look very closely into the details!

City to consider road resurfacing, e-cigarette sales and trespass warnings at upcoming workshop | Palm Coast | Palm Coast Observer
KENTUCKY: (HEADS UP!) State lawmakers apparently haven’t read study out of Minnesota showing vape taxes prevent adults who smoke from quitting; proposing a 27.5% wholesale tax to bring in line with cigarette tax; despite state’s 23% adult smoking rate!

Bill to tax e-cigarettes a step in right direction – The Advocate-Messenger