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Alerts for Rhode Island, Maine, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action in Rhode Island, Maine and Indiana! Heads Up in Illinois and Utah.
RHODE ISLAND: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) RALLY opposing Governor Gina Raimondo’s flavor ban is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29, 2020-2:30 PM to 6:00 PM-State House Rotunda! See link for more information.RI – Speak Up Against the Flavor Ban (Rally – 01.29.20) – CASAA
MAINE: (CALL TO ACTION!) Bill prohibits sale of vapor products until (for one) FDA approves USE as “an evidence-based tobacco cessation strategy.” FDA doesn’t approve products that way, only INDIVIDUALLY applied as drug therapy, so actually PROHIBITION. Take action NOW!

ME – Stop an All-out ban on Vapor Products! (SP 725)
INDIANA: (CALL TO ACTION!) Lawmakers want to decide for adult consumers what is an “acceptable” level of nicotine for them. Today, it’s an arbitrary 20 mg/mL, but tomorrow it could be ZERO. This may also be a precursor to a FLAVOR BAN. Take action TODAY!

IN – Stop an Unscientific Nicotine Cap on Vaping!
ILLINOIS: (HEADS UP!) ALA working with state lawmakers to LIE to public about health risks of second-hand vapor in order to ban public use; conflating with tainted THC outbreak. These LIES then used to justify more prohibitive laws and even higher taxes! Additionally, there is no reason for a LAW to ban vaping in public spaces, because businesses and government locations already have the RIGHT to prohibit vaping.

Illinois hit hard amid nationwide e-cigarette and vaping lung injuries

UTAH: (HEADS UP!) Numerous anti-vape bills being proposed this session, including SB 37, which (among other things) levies an 86% TAX on manufacturer’s sale price of vapor products! Note: Tax “compromises” haven’t prevented flavor or sales bans elsewhere.

Utah County Board of Health reiterates support behind potential vaping legislation