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Heads Up – News – Updates 1.3.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for January 3, 2019. Anti vaping laws in New Mexico, New York South Carolina, Texas. Washington and Connecticut deny adult smokers access to safer products, Stanton Glantz tells vapers to smoke, more studies continue to support vaping and show it to be far safer than smoking.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Professor Stanton Glantz says people would be better off #smoking than #vaping, but the study he cites says the exact opposite – especially clear when looking at TOTAL exposures found rather than cherry picking a few. Our graph is worth more than 1,000 words.

Stanton Glantz Says Vapers Should Smoke Cigarettes, Instead

CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO: HEADS UP! Lawmaker @SenatorCisco wants to define #vapor as #tobacco, ban public use and #vaping flavors, removing imortant incentives for #smokers to switch to MUCH safer alternative.

Vaping is on the rise for Carlsbad teens. Legislation plans to target ‘epidemic’.

WASHINGTON: HEADS UP! @BobFergusonAG again seeks to deny adult #smokers 18-20 access to MUCH safer #vaping.

IN THE NEWS: (TEXAS) Effort to raise age for buying #tobacco and #vaping products to 21 in San Antonio faces court challenge, State bill is expected be introduced in the upcoming sessions, which begins January 8th.

Effort to lift age for buying tobacco to 21 faces court challenge

IN THE NEWS: (NEW YORK) Erie County outlaws vaping in cars with anyone under 18 with $50 – $150 fines, prevents pharmacies and health care institutions in Erie County from selling low risk #vaping products.
Erie County outlaws smoking in cars with kids under 18

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: HEADS UP! Councilman @HowardDuvall wants to prohibit privately-owned businesses from allowing #vaping in their establishments.
Councilman Wants to Add E-Cigarettes to City’s Smoking Ban

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT: HEADS UP! Town Council considers denying adult #smokers 18-20 access to much safer #vaping products.
Wallingford Town Council considers raising age on e-cigarette purchases

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Study at Northwestern seeing some “promising signs” using #nicotine as a “natural plant product” to combat memory loss, also mentions other treatments studied.
Study at Northwestern looking at how nicotine can combat memory loss

AROUND THE WORLD: (UNITED KINGDOM) #Smokers who switch to #vaping could be less likely to use cigarettes again
Vaping: smokers who switch could be less likely to use cigarettes again