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Heads Up – News – Updates 10.28.2019

Calls to Action in Maryland and Illinois. Utah vape ban gets overruled. Tennessee and Iowa governors decline vape bans, while Florida lawmakers remain in the dark. CDC still lying about “e-cigarettes” causing lung illness outbreak.

ILLINOIS: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Today’s hearing for Bill HB 3883, banning the sale of vapor products in flavors other than tobacco, menthol, or “unflavored,” has been CANCELLED. Take this opportunity to send a message to your officials!

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD: (CALL TO ACTION!) Council moving forward on proposals for a FLAVOR BAN & EXTREME PROXIMITY LIMITS on which vapor products can be sold and who can sell them, possibly forcing nearly all vape shops there to close or pay to relocate!

BREAKING NEWS: (UTAH) 3rd District Court Judge Keith Kelly ruled the Utah DOH overstepped its authority in implementing an emergency rule to ban flavored vapor products, overturning the ban. AG suggests DOH is unlikely to appeal the court’s decision.

IN THE NEWS: (TENNESSEE) Kudos to Gov. Bill Lee for declining to pass knee-jerk laws that are bad for public health and bad for TN small businesses!

“I think it’s important that we really know what is happening here,” he said. “Banning things short of knowing if it’s actually that thing that’s causing the problem, I think, is inappropriate.”

IN THE NEWS: (FLORIDA) Lawmakers seem to have not gotten the memo that the CDC has narrowed down the lung illness outbreak to “street vapes” used to get high & has nothing to do with the non-tobacco flavored retail products helping adults quit smoking!

IOWA: (UPDATE) Gov. Reynolds wisely decides on a more reasonable approach to lung illness outbreak linked to “street vapes,” NOT retail e-cigs.

“I’m not going to look at a ban. We’re going to continue to raise awareness…We need to look at everything,”

THE MORE YOU KNOW: @CDCTobaccoFree continues to claim “e-cigarettes” are suspected in outbreak, while number of patients claiming to have used only nicotine products falls to just 11% & no retail product they used has been found to contain contaminates.