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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.1.2019

Trump’s flavor ban is looming. Wyoming’s governor and Department of Health go with awareness over banning. New Jersey advocates overturn 10¢/mL tax. Dr. Siegel exposes terrible consequences of vape bans. Save the date – Illinois rally is in the works. Kids punished for acting like kids (and the war on drugs) could lead “vaping” illnesses to have worse outcomes. Get your CASAA gear!

IN THE NEWS: (WYOMING) Governor Gordon and the Department of Health wisely choose “promoting awareness” of actual products most strongly linked to recent lung injury outbreak instead of knee-jerk laws targeting unrelated retail products that are helping adults quit smoking.

Governor urges Wyomingites not to vape THC products amid outbreak of lung disease

NEW JERSEY: (UPDATE) Bills A5385/S3877 changed a devastating 10¢ per mL tax to a lower 10% point of sale tax that went into effect today! Congrats to all of the hardworking and dedicated advocates in New Jersey!

ADVOCACY: This photo from Twitter made our day! A CASAA member wearing our Texas state “I Vape – I Vote” t-shirt. We hope to see more photos of CASAA members in their CASAA gear! ❤️

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Photo credit: Michael Barrick (@OhmlifeB)

ILLINOIS: (HEADS UP!) SAVE THE DATE! A rally is being organized for Tuesday, November 12th at the state capitol. The event info will be posted as soon as we have more information from the organizers!

Photo Credit: Dennisa Moore

COMMENTARY: Dr. Siegel reveals the terrible consequences of the reckless bans on very low risk flavored vapor products.

“Unless the state reverses course, the vaping products sales ban is going to result in a substantial increase in disease and death.”

BREAKING NEWS: According to sources familiar with the plan to ban very low risk flavored vapor products, an announcement is expected next week. This makes turnout at organized vaper protests at Trump rallies, DC & state capitals all the more critical!

Scoop: Trump ready to ban vape flavors except tobacco, menthol

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Is punishing teens for breaking rules (that exist to protect them because they make bad choices) teaching them to avoid help? The same effect the war on drugs is now causing with misleading self-reporting of lung injuries from “vaping.”

Student expelled from school after getting sick from vaping