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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.4.2019

White House Call to Action updated! Clive Bates commentary on flavor bans in US. San Francisco voting on vape ban on Tuesday. Researchers find teen vaping isn’t leading to smoking. Heads Up! San Mateo, CA! Georgia mom safely quits smoking with retail nicotine products, dies from tainted THC vapes.

The White House needs to hear from adult vapers & anyone who loves a vaper! Flavor ban won’t protect our children, but will help kill their parents & increase risk their kids will smoke, too.

National Call to Action – Light up the White House Switchboard

POLICY COMMENTARY: (Clive Bates, former director, ASH-UK)

A must-read for the President & other lawmakers!

“The question is, and always has been: does FDA have the faintest what it is doing and whether its interventions will do more harm than good?”

The US vaping flavour ban: twenty things you should know

IN THE NEWS: (SAN FRANCISCO) Voters will decide Tues if the city’s ban of retail vapor products will remain or be overturned. ANTZ outrageously claim “Prop C” was written “to sell tobacco to minors” rather than the truth – to preserve access for tens of thousands of San Francisco adults who quit smoking with the products!

Voters To Decide Fate Of Citywide E-Cigarette Sales Amid Vaping Concerns


“Lifetime and current e-cigarette use did not significantly increase the risk of current conventional cigarette smoking…study concludes that e-cigarette use does not appear to be associated with current, continued smoking.”

SAN MATEO, CA: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers want to ban sale of all retail vapor products in unincorporated areas of county on TUES. Call products “death in a pod” and lie that vaping is “Big Tobacco” attempting “to hook a new generation of nicotine addicts.”

County supervisors to consider ban on sales of e-cigarettes

IN THE NEWS: (GEORGIA) After using retail nicotine products for several years & successfully quitting smoking, 52 year old mother sadly dies after vaping tainted black market THC products that her family didn’t even know she was using until after she passed.

“Mary Kerrie vaped [nicotine] products for several years I would say, successfully, and did quit smoking,” her husband Kevin, a medical doctor, said. “I think when she was exposed to legal THC in California and then got illicit THC in Georgia … I think that’s what killed her. Other people, if they’re being exposed to something that can kill them, I hope they stop. I hope her passing helps somebody else.”

‘I hope you don’t have that vaping disease:’ Georgia family seeks answers in mother’s death