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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.8.2019

Calls to Action in Colorado and Oregon. Trump says something about vaping. Kellyanne Conway sounds confused. DC rally and #15sec4vape. Jacob Sullum editorial. The more you know about laws based on lies. Other happenings around the country in Wisconsin, California, Colorado, California and Florida.

BREAKING NEWS: (NATIONAL) President Trump told reporters today that his administration supports a national Tobacco/Vapor 21 law; will release its final plans for restricting e-cigarettes next week. Details on the proposed flavor ban have yet to appear.

Trump to pursue higher sales age for e-cigarettes

IN THE NEWS: “Alternative facts” or a government shockingly ignorant of the industry it’s destroying? Donald Trump’s senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, wrongly claims FDA has no jurisdiction over “vape shops” & insists e-cigs aren’t vaping, “they’re cigarettes.”

Contrary to misleading headlines claiming “vape shops likely to be exempted,” Conway says “nothing’s changed” about the planned flavor ban, especially since the JAMA data that was released yesterday is “much more harrowing and concerning than we would have suspected.” She told reporters that the HHS “will be making an announcement soon.”

User Clip: Trump’s Vaping Ban – “Nothing’s changed.” |

MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) DOH presented county commissioners with options for restricting the sale of flavored vapor/tobacco products. Plan to attend HEARINGS on Nov 12th & Dec 10th & use this CTA to submit your objections NOW!

OR – Multnomah Co. – Stop a Local Flavor Ban!

WOODLAND, CA: (UPDATE) City bans flavored vapor products in mistaken belief flavors are why teens vape. Do they think bubble gum-flavored vapes are more appealing to teens than actual bubble gum? Apparently, no stand-alone vape shops in the city anyhow.

Woodland council bans sales of flavored-tobacco products – Daily Democrat

SUMMIT COUNTY, CO: (UPDATE) Voters approve a 40% tax on vapor products, illogically increasing the cost of products that have actually helped millions of adults quit smoking to raise funds to promote smoking cessation. Other counties to soon follow.

Measure 1A: Summit voters take stand on nicotine and tobacco, pass new tax

IN THE NEWS: (CALIFORNIA) Some communities are (wisely) deciding to nix bans on sales of e-cigarettes for the time being.

“I don’t think government is the answer to the problem.”
–Kern County Supervisor Mick Gleason

Proposals to ban e-cigarettes fizzle in Valley communities

FLORIDA: Lawmakers panic as vaping displaces high school teen smoking, which dropped to record low 2.1% instead of increasing.

Meanwhile, few FL adults who smoke have embraced the far lower risk alternative, so adult smoking rates are still at 16.1%.

Florida sees a record decrease in smoking teens while vaping escalates

WISCONSIN: Astounding how Tobacco 21 wasn’t on anyone’s to-do list until low risk vaping began displacing teen smoking, causing a so-called “crisis” of record low teen (& adult) smoking rates. Where were these calls for T21 when teen rates were 5X higher?

Wisconsin considers raising tobacco, vaping products age to 21


Supporters of the FDA’s ban on flavored e-cigarettes claim “a whole generation of young people” is “addicted to these products.” The government’s own survey data show that’s not true.

As the FDA Prepares to Ban E-Cigarette Flavors, the Government’s Own Data Contradict Wild Claims About Adolescent Nicotine Addiction

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Every time lawmakers pass a law or tax on vaping based on lies, it reinforces those lies in the minds of the general public. Then those same lies, now called “facts,” will inevitably be used to pass more restrictive laws and higher taxes.

This is why CASAA does not say “Well, at least it’s better than a flavor ban or all-out ban,” when lawmakers try to pass sin taxes, Tobacco/Vapor 21 or public use bans. Those are all based on lies, which will become accepted as “truth,” that will eventually be used against us. It’s already happened.

GOLDEN, CO: (CALL TO ACTION) Trump announcement or not, we must keep fighting! City Council is expected to set a public hearing date for Dec 5th for a proposed FLAVOR BAN and Tobacco/Vapor 21. Plan to attend & contact your mayor and city council TODAY!

CO – Golden – Stop a Flavor Ban!

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