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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.19.2018

UPDATE: (GREEN CITY, OHIO) Council prohibits smoking adults 18-20 access to safer alternatives. Stand up for other smokers and vapers in Ohio! Learn more at Ohio CASAA:

IN THE NEWS: (SLATE MAGAZINE) “The perverse irony of the new rules is that while many e-cigarettes will now be banned from convenience stores, perfectly lethal combustible cigarettes will still be right there on the shelf. “

IN THE NEWS: (NY TIMES) The risks? “After 18 years of smoking cigarettes, I’m not exactly worried about nicotine addiction.” Only one friend has quit vaping…he went back to smoking cigarettes. #THRsavesLives

SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA: HEADS UP! Town hall meeting DEC 11 at Sumter County Library to discuss initiative to prevent youth tobacco/vaping. Find advocacy tips at South Carolina CASAA page:

UPDATE: MASHPEE, MASSACHUSETTS Board of Health quietly bans sale of low risk flavored vapor products in convenience stores effective December 28. Cigarettes still allowed to be sold just about everywhere. Massachusetts CASAA:

IN THE NEWS: (KENTUCKY) State lawmaker wants to pass bill that would allow employers to discriminate against smokers (and, if it’s typical ANTZ law, probably include ANY nicotine use as the same as “smoking.”)

IN THE NEWS: (FORBES) “FDA and other worrywarts fret that teenagers are taking up vaping in “epidemic” proportions, ignoring the fact that many of these young people would be smoking and/or drinking more if they didn’t vape.”

OHIO: HEADS UP! The Ohio Health Issues Poll asked about imposing a state tax on e-cigarettes, similar to the $1.60 per pack tax on traditional cigarettes. Nearly 6-in-10 Ohio adults in the poll supported such a tax.