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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.15.2018

THE MORE YOU KNOW: #Vaping “epidemic” reversing youth #smoking decline would make convenient headlines, but no mention here of SMOKING. Historic smoking low in 18-24 group suggests not, but @FDATobacco, @CDCTobaccoFree withholding stats. #THRsavesLives

IN THE NEWS: (UK) Cancer Research UK study with almost 13,000 participants finds time spent with #vapers increases #smoker motivation to #quitsmoking and #vaping is NOT “renormalising” #smoking. #THRsavesLives

IPSWICH, MASSACHUSETTS: HEADS UP! Board of Health MEETING NOV. 19th to discuss ordinance that will prohibit ADULT smokers 18-20 access to safer alternatives. For CASAA Massachusetts advocacy tips:

IN THE NEWS: (VIRGINIA) Bucking conventional wisdom? State sees historic low HS teen smoking rate – smoking (6.5%) and vaping (11.8%) rates lower than 7.6% / 20.8% national averages – without using “effective” tobacco control methods of taxes and bans.

UPDATE: (ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA) Vapor flavor ban passed on Nov. 7th. #THR and #vaping advocates should note that survey showing 59% support was just 359 of 79,000+ residents. Don’t give up – show up! See CASAA California page: