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Heads Up – News – Updates

UPDATE: (NEWPORT, ARKANSAS) City council takes away right of business owners to cater to customers using SMOKE-FREE products by including products in SMOKING ban, sending false message that products are the same. Arkansas CASAA:

Newport passes new smoke-free ordinance

IN THE NEWS: UK Tobacco company says “majority of smokers would prefer to switch to #vaping” in most of its markets, so plans to invest additional $100 million next year in its vape brand. #THRsavesLives

We’re going ‘all-in’ on vaping, Imperial CEO says

IN THE NEWS: CDC says adult #smoking at record low 14% & notably young adults 18-24 down from 13% to 10%, belying youth #vaping “epidemic,” but officials still keen to protect youth from now debunked “vaping gateway to smoking.” #THRtruth #THRsavesLives

Cigarette smoking among U.S. adults lowest ever recorded

WASECA, MINNESOTA: HEADS UP! Tobacco 21 ordinance set for Dec. 18 public hearing, also denies adult smokers 18-20 access to safer alternatives! If you live in the area, plan to attend! See Minnesota CASAA for advocacy tips:

ASHBURNHAM, MASSACHUSETTS: Bans flavored vapor products, prohibits adult smokers 18-20 access to safer #vaping alternatives. Final approval at DECEMBER MEETING, expecting no objections! We urge you to OBJECT! CASAA Massachusetts:

IN THE NEWS: Possibly as soon as next week, the FDA is expected announce a convenience stores/gas station flavor ban and possibly regulate online sales. CASAA is waiting to hear how they plan to do this before officially commenting.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: 2+2=5? Media reports young adult (18-24) smoking historic 10% low, but somehow youth #vaping “epidemic” leading to more not less youth smoking. How? Official answer is “We don’t know.” SIDE NOTE: The plural of anecdote actually IS data.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: The bar has been moved. Treating #NicotineAddiction initially intended to help people #QuitSMOKING. Now the goal is clearly to end nicotine use regardless of #VapingNotSmoking. Meanwhile, similar risk caffeine addiction 100% acceptable.