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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.25.2019

Calls to Action in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Heads up in Maryland and California. Watch activists march in Massachusetts and President Trump meet with vaping activists in D.C. Get free shipping on CASAA gear. Watch Ethan Nadelmann speak at E-Cigarette Summit. More California cities ban flavors. Florida rally November 26th, commentary by Jacob Sullum and the more you know!

TAKING ACTION: Watch Facebook live vape rally and march in Massachusetts!


WATCH: Vaping industry advocates and opponents meet with President Trump to discuss flavor bans and youth use.


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LONG BEACH, CA: (HEADS UP!) 1 year flavor ban passes 1st vote. 2nd vote expected at December meeting. Inspired by the lung injuries unrelated to retail nicotine products, lawmakers failed to take any action on the products actually linked to the injuries!

Narrower ban focused on flavored vaping products moves forward after City Council vote • Long Beach Post News


ANDERSON, CA: (UPDATE) City council bans all flavored tobacco/vapor products except menthol and tobacco, giving shops just 30 days to clear inventory. After banning adult access, Councilman Browning says “This has nothing to do with adults for me….”

Anderson City Council passes ban on flavored e-cigarettes, will take effect in 30 days


SANTA MARIA, CA: (UPDATE) Despite opposition, council unanimously bans ALL flavors in tobacco/vapor products except “tobacco.” New ordinance takes effect July 1, 2020. “Fighting Back” org rep falsely claims that, because of the flavor ban, youth “will no longer be attracted,” completely ignoring that youth still smoke unflavored cigarettes.

Santa Maria City Council votes to ban all flavored tobacco, vaping products


ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY: Public Health at first rejected germ theory, doctor hand washing, baby incubators, angioplasty, Mendel’s Laws of Heredity, cancer immunotherapy & sports-related brain injury.

Now they’re rejecting low risk vapor products helping adults quit smoking.


THE WAR ON VAPING: Watch visionary Ethan Nadelmann, respected harm reduction expert & founder of the Drug Policy Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization working to end the War on Drugs, speak at the 2019 E-Cigarette Summit in the UK.

COMMENTARY: (Jacob Sullum, Reason) The fact that…leaders who think the war on weed should be ended or scaled back are prepared to launch a new war on nicotine products is puzzling on its face, since they recognize the problems created by drug prohibition in one context while ignoring them in another.”

Democrats Shift From Demonizing Cannabis to Demonizing Nicotine

MASSACHUSETTS: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) H.4196, which bans flavored vapor products and adds a 75% wholesale tax on any vapor products that are left, is on its way to Governor Baker’s desk for his signature.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Gov. Baker to VETO H.4196!

MA – Stop the Legislature from Making the Flavor Ban Permanent!

TAKING ACTION: (FLORIDA) Vape rally on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL at 4:30 PM! More info and updates can be found on the Facebook event page at:


THE MORE YOU KNOW: E-cigarettes were actually invented for inveterate smokers (people who smoke with NO intention of quitting) not for abstinence. If you want to save children MOST at risk from “a lifetime of addiction,” don’t take away effective products helping parents quit!

JERSEY CITY, NJ: (CALL TO ACTION!) Second reading for a FLAVOR BAN is on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM, City Hall! CONSUMERS MUST SHOW UP, even if you can’t speak. Either way, contact the council members NOW and tell them to oppose Ord. 19-158!

NJ – Jersey City – Stop a Flavor Ban!

MARYLAND: (HEADS UP!) Blaming “vaping-related deaths” CDC hasn’t linked to nicotine vapor products and have nothing to do with flavors, Sen. Clarence K. Lam wants to ban flavored retail nicotine products. Tell your reps not to support!


AND THE MORE YOU KNOW: Sen. Lam claims “Banning the sale of flavored cigarettes contributed to the steep decline in smoking among teens,” but the “contribution” was next to nothing. Most popular cigarette flavors, by far, w/teens in 2009 were “Marlboro” & “Kool.”

From 2000-09 pre-flavor ban, HS smoking dropped 28% -17.2% (1.2 percentage points per yr). From 2011-19, HS smoking rates dropped 15.8%-5.8% (1.25 points per yr). Hardly a “steep decline” since the ban, but rise in HS vaping seems to be accelerating not reversing the decline!

Maryland Lawmakers to Pursue Flavored Vaping Ban – Maryland Matters