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Weekend Heads Up Round Up – 11.24.19

…vaping in the cabinet room.

On Friday, November 22, heads of organizations in support of and against access to vapor products (and other low-risk nicotine products) met with President Trump and HHS Secretary Alex Azar in the Cabinet Room of the White House. While CASAA was not included in the meeting (in spite of multiple attempts to secure an invite), we believe that most of our views were represented. Specifically, AVA President Gregory Conley deftly reminded the people in the room that the May 2020 PMTA deadline remains a looming threat to consumer access to safer alternatives to smoking.

  • The full recording of the meeting is available here.

While CASAA maintains its opposition to raising the purchase age for low-risk nicotine products to 21, it is clear that all industry stakeholders represented at the meeting believe that accepting the policy is the only productive way forward. Other proposals include stiffer penalties for retailers caught selling to minors and, of course, the well-funded effort to completely remove flavors other than tobacco from the market (see Gregory Conley’s comment on the matter starting here).

Notably, representatives from NJOY and Reynolds American added their voices in support of keeping flavors available for adults and to be sold in specialty shops. (Reynolds has submitted its PMTA to FDA for Vuse, which is sold in flavors other than tobacco and menthol). JUUL, meanwhile, is continuing its apology tour by committing to remove mint from the market.

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In spite of well funded campaigns to manipulate the views of lawmakers and the public, the vaping community is seeing growing support from new and familiar officials. With the holiday season upon us, now would be an excellent time to acknowledge our allies and thank them for their support.

If you have some time this week, please take a moment to send a card to our new friends. If you are particularly gracious (especially in the face of overwhelming negative public opinion), you might consider sending something thoughtful to one or two of vaping’s more outspoken opponents. 🙂

The contact information for just some of the officials who have stood up against pressure and misinformation from anti-nicotine groups, this year, is below.



120 Constitution Avenue, NE

HSOB- Hart Senate Office Building, Room 328

Washington, DC 20510-4905




1600 Pacific Highway, Room 335

San Diego, CA 92101



  • Wisconsin State Representative Lakeshia Myers (Tweet)


2 East Main Street

State Capitol, Room 3 North

Madison, WI 53702




Office of the Attorney General of Iowa

Hoover State Office Building

1305 E. Walnut Street

Des Moines IA 50319


Do you know lawmakers (local, state, or federal) who should be added to the list?

Fill out this form and tell us what they did or said to protect your access to vapor products. Let’s make sure they know that the vaping community supports them back.

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Since October, vaping has been the subject of several hearings in congress. Committees have weighed in on updates from the CDC and FDA about lung injuries, a proposal to tax nicotine, a bill that would make vape mail more expensive and inaccessible for some, and legislation that would tighten up the tobacco control act to the point of choking out the vaping community. As noted above, through this process we’ve discovered who our allies in congress are. At the same time, we’ve seen a never ending stream of half-baked talking points delivered to committee room cameras designed to foment opposition and disdain for the vaping community. These anti-science skreeds are on full display as New Jersey Representative Frank Pallone ushers his save the children bill through the House Energy and Commerce Committee (YouTube).

After passing through the Energy and Commerce Committee, HR 2339 is heading to a vote by the full House of Representatives. Although no vote is scheduled, we are expecting to see this bill move in December, before congress goes home for the holiday break. CASAA is asking our members to contact officials via email, social media, and written letters (or holiday cards 🙂 ).

  • If you would like to contact officials outside of one of our calls to action, you can find your officials, their physical mailing addresses, and social media accounts, here.


Stay safer,


Alex Clark, CEO



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