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Heads Up – News – Updates 11.15.2019

New Jersey & Massachusetts Call to Action Updates. Senator Ron Johnson writes Trump in opposition of flavor bans. Iowa AG Tom Miller stands up for vaping. Vice magazine writes about a side of the vaping community many don’t know about. Yonkers, NY and Oregon have wins in court.

NEW JERSEY: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Flavor Bans (A.3178 and S.3265) passed first round of committee hearings, being referred to Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees. We need to keep the pressure up. Continue contacting New Jersey lawmakers!

NJ – Stop the Flavor Ban! ( A.3178 and S.3265)

MASSACHUSETTS: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) Again, the rally for Monday, November 18th is being RESCHEDULED.

In the meantime, do the Call to Action. If you’ve already done it, do it again, because the bill is moving before the state Senate on November 20th!

MA – Stop the Legislature from Making the Flavor Ban Permanent!

NATIONAL POLICY: “The costs of a ban on most e-cigarette flavors will almost certainly be substantial.”

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) sent a letter to President Trump this week, expressing strong concern about proposals to severely limit the availability of appealing and effective vapor products to adults who depend on the product to avoid relapse to smoking.

Sen. Johnson raises concerns about restricting sales of e-cigarette flavors

ON OUR SIDE: Iowa attorney general, Tom Miller, stands up for e-cigarettes, warns Trump of consequences of flavored vapor product black market.

“There’s going to be disease and defective products,” Miller said. “That’s the lesson of the [black market] lung disease epidemic.”

Iowa attorney general stands up for e-cigarettes after winning 1998 big tobacco lawsuit

ADVOCACY & COMMUNITY: With threats of jails, institutions, and death in the past, many of us have found a purpose, meaning, and community. We are our best when we are helping one another, & we get to do that every day, together.


Forget Cali Sober. Now There’s Vape Sober

BREAKING NEWS: (OREGON) A month ago, a state Court of Appeals temporarily halted the governor’s flavor ban, finding that the state most likely did not have the standing to ban flavored nicotine vape products. It now has extended that stay.

“No evidence has been presented connecting flavored vape products to lung injuries.”

Oregon bans on both flavored nicotine and cannabis vaping products now on hold

YONKERS, NY: (UPDATE) Court issues temporary restraining order once again ALLOWING flavored vapor product sales in Yonkers, Mayor Spano claims “order based on a technicality, which he says will be corrected.”

Court issues restraining order allowing flavored e-cigarette sales in Yonkers