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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.02.2019

Reminder of Jersey City, NJ Call to Action! Illinois headline reflects general media bias against telling the truth about lung injury outbreak. Heavily-smoking Bangladesh bans vaping. Palo Alto, CA has neither a teen smoking nor vaping problem, but still considering sales ban. Bernards Township, NJ believes teens buy mainly from vape shops, so only banned vape shops.

ILLINOIS: More media bias? Patient admits frequently using (likely tainted) THC carts already linked to “EVALI,” which NO ONE calls “e-cigarettes” & ignored warnings. Yet media continues to confuse & endanger the public reporting “e-cigarette use” almost killed her.


E-cigarette use almost killed Springfield woman

IN THE NEWS: US hysteria over #vaping having global repercussions, as Bangladesh (where 40%-45% men SMOKE) bans sale & USE of vapor products b/c of unproven “health risks” & unverified youth use, likely because of irresponsible US reporting. #QuitLying

Bangladesh plans to ban e-cigarettes amid growing health concerns

JERSEY CITY, NJ: (CALL TO ACTION REMINDER!) Second reading for a FLAVOR BAN is on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM, City Hall! CONSUMERS MUST SHOW UP, even if you can’t speak. Or contact the council members NOW and tell them to oppose Ord. 19-158!

NJ – Jersey City – Stop a Flavor Ban!

BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, NJ: (UPDATE) With mind-boggling backwards logic to prevent teen access, officials ban vape shops (that don’t usually allow minors inside) but allow in stores open to general public (that typically sell devices most popular w/teens.)

Vape and Smoke Shops Officially Banned in Bernards Township

PALO ALTO, CA: (HEADS UP!) Although county teen smoking hit a record low 1.4% & vaping was below national average at 13.2% (with DAILY vaping at just 3.1%,) city officials mull vape sales ban that hits ADULTS (but leaving cigarettes sold on every corner.)

To curb vaping, Palo Alto weighs ban on e-cigarettes