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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.04.2019

Call to Action for a Newark, NJ vaping policy panel. Remember Jersey City meeting TONIGHT! Alaska’s first lung injury patient had recently started vaping THC. CDC should change “EVALI” to “TUTALI.” Inhaling oils and the risk of exogenous lipoid pneumonia.

ALASKA: State’s only case of “EVALI.” Patient vaped e-cigs for years w/out illness, then vaped THC in past 2-3 months. In 2017, 3.5% Alaskan adults & 15.7% teens tried e-cigs. Evidence shows retail e-cigs have nothing to do with the outbreak! #QuitLying

Alaska confirms first suspected case of e-cigarette or vaping-related lung injury

JERSEY CITY, NJ: (CALL TO ACTION REMINDER!) Second reading for a FLAVOR BAN is TONIGHT at 6:30 PM, City Hall! CONSUMERS MUST SHOW UP, even if you can’t speak. Or contact the council members NOW and tell them to oppose Ord. 19-158!

NJ – Jersey City – Stop a Flavor Ban!

EVIDENCE-BASED POLICIES: Not one flavored nicotine product used by outbreak patients has been reported to contain anything not found in products used by vapers who have NOT gotten sick. It’s far past time for @CDCgov to accurately report the risk!

New hashtag? #TUTALInotEVALI


THE MORE YOU KNOW: Please do NOT inhale ANY type of oil, due to greatly increased risk of exogenous lipoid pneumonia. Oils = fats = lipids. This includes mineral oil, olive oil, baby oil & MCT oil. VG, made FROM vegetable oil, is NOT a lipid. Read more: Exogenous lipoid pneumonia. Clinical and radiological manifestations – ScienceDirect

NEW JERSEY: (CALL TO ACTION!) Support AVA president (and CASAA ally) Greg Conley by attending this panel discussion on vaping policy w/Senator Joe Vitali & Assemblyman Herb Conaway:

Friday, December 6, 2019
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Robert Treat Hotel
Newark, NJ

Event will also be streamed live.

NJ – Spotlight Event – Vaping in NJ-Managing the Risk to Public Health (12.06.19) – CASAA