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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.10.2019

Call to Action for Calling the White House and New York! CASAA graphs to share that show the truth about the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey data. Rally in Michigan! Heads up for Massachusetts.

WHITE HOUSE: (CALL TO ACTION!) The American Medical Association & others plan a call-in Dec. 11th to pressure the president to ban low risk, flavored vapor products, even for adults. Get your dialing fingers ready and make the calls to counter irrational and irresponsible laws!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Are increases in vaping “reversing progress made in the decline of overall youth tobacco use?” Only if you PRETEND “even one puff in past 30 days” of a TOBACCO-FREE product is “tobacco use” and IGNORE 46.4% “current users” vaped on 5 days OR LESS!

SCIENCE-BASED POLICIES: A perspective on the youth vaping “epidemic” and flavored product use driving the flavor bans, sales restrictions, excessive taxes and 18-20 age restrictions that deny ADULTS access to effective, affordable and far safer alternatives to smoking. #QuitLying

TAKING ACTION: (MICHIGAN) Make your voice heard at the RALLY on Dec. 18th, 3PM at the Kellogg Center in Battle Creek! Signs will be provided. For more info go to: Rally


NEW YORK: (HEADS UP!) The flavor ban was blocked by the lawsuit. Now, a state Health Department panel will vote on Dec. 12 @ 9:30AM to renew the ban, hoping it’s upheld in state Supreme Court in Albany County. Show up and be heard! #WeVapeWeVote

Story: NY state ban on flavored e-cigarettes set to expire before it gets enforced: What to know

MASSACHUSETTS: (HEADS UP!) Voting is Wed. on new vaping regs (& discussing already anticipated lawsuits.) Incl. ban of non-tobacco flavors, limit sale to over-21 stores & require signs warning of “dangers” of vaping products vape shops don’t even sell!

Lawmakers voting on new regulations for vaping products