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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.12.2019

Call to Action for Calling the White House and New York! CASAA graphs to share that show the truth about the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey data. Rally in Michigan! Heads up for Massachusetts.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: “In the end, they’re gonna be happier and healthier.” That quote from this article is a classic ANTZ delusion. People turn to mood-changing substances for a reason. Taking away what people use for relief doesn’t fix the problem, it just pushes them to use something else – possibly something much, much worse.

Public Health Council votes to rescind the emergency vape ban


SCIENCE-BASED POLICIES: (Dr. Michael Siegel) If Governor Charlie Baker was banning vapes allegedly because they “don’t know” what’s causing EVALI, why lift the ban just because the state has banned flavors and imposed 75% tax? How does that protect the public? It doesn’t! EVALI is just an excuse to decimate the vaping industry.


The Rest of the Story: Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary: The Height of Irresponsibility: Massachusetts Department of Public Health Tells Public the Cause of Respiratory Disease Outbreak is Unknown


CONSEQUENCES OF CONCESSIONS: Vapers often don’t fight smoking bans that include vaping b/c it seems “reasonable.” Unfortunately, smoking bans aren’t being limited to public spaces. They’re banning smoking (which now includes vaping) in private residences!

Concord bans smoking tobacco, cannabis at multi-family homes


IN THE NEWS: Kudos to Nyamekye Daniel for writing a mostly factual article from MSM about vaping bans that also gave voice to vapers and tobacco harm reduction expert Dr. Brad Rodu. And to GA lawmaker Shelly Hutchinson, who made an astute observation about addiction.

Georgia lawmakers hear concerns over vaping regulations


FLORIDA: In rare act of governmental reason & responsibility, @GovRonDeSantis opines against immediate bans of vapor products, saying more info is needed about EVALI outbreak, vaping has been around (without issue) for years and black market is a concern.

Florida Governor DeSantis flips on banning flavored e-cigarettes


THE MORE YOU KNOW: (IDAHO) Survey finds that youth seriously contemplating suicide (23%) is higher than youth trying vaping (21.5%). Again, people seeking mood-altering substances is REFLECTIVE of a problem. Banning substances doesn’t solve that problem.

Cigarette use drops, but students considering suicide remains high

TAKING ACTION: (YONKERS, NY) Vape shop owner is taking on Big Government in lawsuit against city’s flavor ban. Mayor Mike Spano vows to defend action to keep products out of kids’ hands, but US survey shows only 13.8% youth use flavored vapor products.

Yonkers Vape Shop Sues City Over Flavored E-Cig Ban | Yonkers Times


BREAKING NEWS: Senate has confirmed Dr. Stephen Hahn, who pointedly sidestepped committee demands to ban vapor flavors and stated he would use the best science to make regulatory decisions, to head FDA. We can only wait and see which direction he will go.

Senate Confirms Stephen Hahn to Head F.D.A.


RESEARCH: “Sometimes confirmation bias and politics influence which studies get published. If the study appears to add fuel to media-driven panic—in this case, the media-driven panic surrounding e-cigarettes—it stands a good chance of getting published.”

Scientific Studies as “Click Bait?”


SCIENCE-BASED POLICIES: Published today in the journal “Science,” authors (incl. 3 public health deans) warn that taking vaping – including flavored products – away as a smoking-cessation and harm-reduction tool now will amount to a public health failure.

Read the article here: Evidence, alarm, and the debate over e-cigarettes | Science


PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS: MA flavor ban, 75% tax & nicotine limits pushes some shops into selling cannabis or back to selling cigarettes to survive, while former customers return to smoking. Exaggerated “teen epidemic” narrative will lead to more adult deaths.

The State’s Vape Ban Has Ended. But Some Shops Are Still Looking To Rebrand — Or Relocate