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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.12.2018

PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS: HEADS UP! City Council moves to prohibit adult smokers 18-20 from access to safer alternatives. Formal vote expected DEC 17th! Act to support smokers trying to quit! Find advocacy tips at Illinois CASAA: Illinois – CASAA 

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (SPAIN) Yet another country with strict smoking/vaping laws and regulations sees #smoking rates RISE. One official tries to partially blame #vaping, even though #vape industry in country was pretty much decimated in 2013. 
Number of smokers in Spain reaches pre-smoking ban levels 

THE MORE YOU KNOW: This 1996 study (well before flavored #vapor products) found that “The highest associative risk for #smoking was a best friend who smoked” (81%) and smoking parents (65%.) Why smoke? Stress and boredom. Now they blame #vaping instead?