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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.13.2018

IN THE NEWS: (OPINION) “One of the unintended consequences of targeting e-cigarette flavors may be to harm public health by limiting adults’ access to products that are proven to be helping them quit smoking cigarettes.”California’s plan to ban vaping flavors would hurt public health – Orange County Register

THE MORE YOU KNOW: “Do you think these measures (banning flavors) will affect your or other’s vaping habits?” No. “I asked if they would consider smoking. They all replied “no” because of the smell and the dangers that have been associated with smoking.”

Photo Credit: Atlanta Jewish Times

Teens Who Vape: Who Are They?


VILLAGE OF SCARSDALE, NEW YORK: HEADS UP! Ordinance would severely limit local access to #vaping products in small village. Not allowed within 1,000 ft of schools, religious buildings, parks, playgrounds, etc., leaving few locations for sales.

Note that, according to proposed @ScarsdaleGov ordinance, combustible cigarettes could still be sold at this Walgreens and Sunoco gas station near a school and church (see above), but not safer #vaping products.

Trustees Agree on Village Code Changes Regarding Gun and Vape Sales in the Village


CINCINNATI, OHIO: (UPDATE) @CityOfCincy Council unwisely takes away access to much safer alternative for #smoking adults 18-20. #THRsaveLives #vaping

Cincinnati City Council raises minimum age of tobacco purchases from 18 to 21


EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA: (UPDATE) @CityofEP makes 20th county/city in Minnesota unwisely taking away access to much safer alternative for #smoking adults 18-20. #THRsaveLives #vaping

Eden Prairie wields T21 ordinance, education against rising e-cigarette use