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Heads Up – News – Updates 12.21.2018

PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS: (UPDATE) Beginning Feb. 1, it will be illegal for adult smokers 18-20 years old to buy safer alternatives in the city.

Park Ridge raises minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: (HEADS UP!) Bills would prohibit adult smokers 18-20 from access to safer alternatives to #smoking, prohibit businesses from allowing #vaping and ban flavored vapor products. CASAA New Mexico advocacy tips: New Mexico – CASAA

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State senator proposes raising age to buy tobacco, banning flavored tobacco

DULUTH, MINNESOTA: (HEADS UP!) City Council looking to prohibit adult smokers 18-20 from access to #vaping products.

Duluth City Councilors Push To Raise Tobacco Purchase Age to 21 – Fox21Online

MASSACHUSETTS: (UPDATES) SALISBURY & AMESBURY have passed laws that prohibit ADULT #smokers 18-20 access to safer alternative #vaping.

Amesbury, Salisbury raise legal tobacco sales age to 21

WASECA, MINNESOTA: (UPDATE) @CITYOFWASECA passes law to prohibit ADULT #smokers 18-20 from access to safer alternative #vaping products.

Waseca latest city to raise tobacco sales age to 21

CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) THREE bills working their way through the legislature could have horrific impact on #vaping, #vapers and #smokers looking to quit smoking in the state!

Vaping could be snuffed out in California if these bills become law in 2019

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (OPINION) “things that people like…should be at the forefront of the FDA’s new tobacco plan. This means having them available where smokers are most likely to buy them — the same places they used to buy their cigarettes.”

The harmful hysteria about vaping


APPLETON, WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) @cityofappleton on path to prohibit businesses from allowing #vaping in their establishment, taking away a strong incentive in the northern state for adult #smokers to make the switch.

Appleton cracks down on vaping, with emphasis on youth usage