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Puerto Rico Facing Anti-Vaping Legislation, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Call to Action in Nebraska! Heads Up Puerto Rico and Oregon. Consumers must take action. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids still lying. News out of Michigan and New York.

LB 1176, which would ban the sale of vapor products in flavors other than tobacco and menthol is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, February 3, 1:30 PMTake action by sending a message and making plans to attend the hearing (we realize this is late notice, so please send your messages if you are unable to quickly make changes to your schedule).

NE – Stand Up To A Flavor Ban! (LB 1176)
TAKING ACTION: A member’s story emphasizing our frequent call for CONSUMERS to SHOW UP at hearings & MEET lawmakers. Many politicians distrust industry & don’t believe that ADULT consumers want flavors, quit smoking, are healthier or even exist. Don’t forget: YOU are CASAA, too!

BREAKING NEWS: (MICHIGAN) As suspected, teen’s lung damage was caused by vaping THC that—as in all other confirmed cases—was likely tainted with vitamin E acetate. No retail nicotine product used in these cases were reported as adulterated or contaminated.

Michigan teen who needed double lung transplant finally admits he vaped marijuana — but the media is still clouding the issue
PUERTO RICO: (HEADS UP!) US Territory facing a slew of anti-vaping legislation! PC2245, banning sale of flavored vapor products, passed the House w/out public hearing. PS1392 would prohibit use & sale of vapor products…and more!


A Message From VAPR:

“There are multiple ongoing efforts in Puerto Rico to ban vaping. PC2245 would ban flavored nicotine liquids, and already passed the House 43-2 in a no-hearing vote. It now moves on to the Senate where it is expected to be signed, in keeping with Gov. Wanda Vazquez’s stated interested in a ban. PS1392 would prohibit the use and sale of electronic cigarettes outright on the island, and is also fast tracked for Senate committee.

In the city of San Juan, Ordenanza 11 would impose a massive $5,000 tax on any business involved in the sale of electronic cigarette products – double the amount in a far wealthier state like Connecticut – which would only further cripple the local vapor industry. Just like in the US, the vapor industry in PR took a hit of about 50% after this summer’s THC cartridge outbreak, and has been slower to recover.

On October 8th, VAPR deposed the House Health and Consumer Committee in regards to first proposed ban and, like many groups doing the same thing nation-wide, argued for a commonsense reaction to THC-related injuries while seeking to educate lawmakers and the public about the reality of electronic cigarettes. This meeting was revelatory, demonstrating the local agencies tasked with enforcement lack the resources to implement the intended ban, while noting that existing anti-youth smoking efforts directed at places like mini-markets and gas stations are essentially without funding. Much like NY and MA, the testimonies of local agencies were uninformed about the basic facts of the lung cases as well as electronic cigarettes in general.

In the run up to the Oct 8 deposition, business owners and vape users on the island created Vapeadores Aliados por Puerto Rico, VAPR, in order to defend the right to vape and protect the island’s small vapor industry. Our deposition to the House committee’s original anti-vape legislation successfully stopped it in it’s tracks, but PC2245 and PS1392 made it past without a single follow-up or hearing. Amongst our local membership we have raised enough funds to begin paying for the legal and media battle to save vaping in Puerto Rico, but we need more help.

As we approach election season, there is little doubt that the Governor will sign a full-on electronic cigarette ban into law. All of the groups work is done on a volunteer basis, and 100% of any donation goes to our legal fund. Visit and click on DONACIONES at the top of the page to access our secure and encrypted donations page.

Since it’s creation, VAPR has worked to establish a presence online as well as in traditional media, appearing on news outlets like El Nuevo Dia, Primera Hora, Univision, WAPA, and Radio Isla. VAPR members have also appeared on locally well-known talk shows like Jugando Pelota Duro and Ahí Está la Verdad by Normando Valentin. Our website,, and Facebook page ( contain updates about our ongoing work, news, as well as copies of our depositions and press releases. VAPR is fortunate to be in regular contact with groups like CASAA as we try to align the discussion in Puerto Rico with the progress that has been made in Washington D.C.”

CASAA has created a new Facebook group for Puerto Rico here:

ANTZ LIES: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids still deceiving public, claim banning all flavored nicotine vapor products will stop teen vaping. CDC
data proved only 22% said flavors (even when allowed to choose more than one reason & 21% said “to do tricks”) while >50% said “curiosity.” #QuitLying
OREGON: (HEADS UP!) Ignoring CDC data (showing 77.7% teens DON’T cite flavors as reason for use,) SB 1577 would ban flavored vapor product sales except tobacco flavor, while HB 4078 would ban online sales (essential for adults who live in areas w/out vape shops!)

Push to ban all flavored nicotine vaping products in Oregon moves to Legislature
IN THE NEWS: (NEW YORK) AG Letitia James appealed Friday an order by Supreme Court Justice Catherine Cholakis that struck down New York’s emergency ban on flavored e-cigarettes, asking for clarification of how the “separation of powers doctrine” applies.

NY vaping: AG appeals judge’s order that struck down emergency e-cigarette flavor ban