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Multiple Flavor Ban Hearings, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

Calls to Action in Oregon! Heads Up in Mississippi, Hawaii and California. Hearing reminder in Maine. The more you know about public vaping bans.

OREGON: (CALL TO ACTION!) Flavor ban HEARING on THURS, FEB 6th! Lawmakers FALSELY claim flavors main reason youth try vaping, “not needed” by adults trying to quit smoking. It’s VITAL that CONSUMERS take action (show up/send messages) not just shops!!OR – Stop a Flavor Ban (Public Hearing)(SB 1577)
MISSISSIPPI: (HEADS UP!) A “Vaping Summit” is being held at Jackson Preparatory School, 3100 Lakeland Drive in Flowood TOMORROW at 1 – 5:30 PM to address the “vaping epidemic.” This is open to parents and businesses. REGISTER NOW!Making a Difference
MAINE: Reminder (Public Hearing) – More than a Flavor Ban!

LD 2052 (SB 725) is scheduled for a public hearing, – Wed, Feb. 5, 9:00 AM – Cmte on Health and Human Services – Cross Bldg., Rm 209

Details and TAKE ACTION –> ME – Stop an All-out ban on Vapor Products! (SP 725)
THE MORE YOU KNOW: Adding vaping to smoking bans isn’t just about enforcing “courtesy.” It causes the general public to equate vaping with smoking & agreeable to disincentives like high taxes & flavor bans.

Establishments ALREADY have the right to ban vaping without needing a law & now these smoking bans – without any scientific basis – often include OUTDOORS & PRIVATE RESIDENCES. That means vaping would be banned there, as well. There’s nothing “reasonable” about that.

ALL laws should be based on supported facts and indisputable science, not “feelings!”

HAWAII: (HEADS UP!) After intro of bill raising age to 25, stating “almost no one starts smoking after age 25,” lawmakers also intro bill raising purchase age for cigarettes AND vaping products annually by 10 years until reaches 100 years old in 2025!

Bill: Raise Hawaii’s Smoking Age From 21 To 25
DANVILLE, CA: (HEADS UP!) Town council discussing FLAVOR BAN TONIGHT @ 7:30 PM! City officials led to believe flavors are reason youth vape, despite CDC data showing 77.7% do NOT cite flavors as reason (over 50% say “curiosity” & 21% say “vape tricks.”)

Also looking at flavor bans in California are St. Helena (directed staff Tuesday to draft an ordinance,) Seaside (early stages,) Cupertino (meeting 6:30 TONIGHT) and Pasadena (voted Monday to ban but needs to be finalized, also considering all-out sales ban).

Danville council to consider banning sale of flavored tobacco, e-cigarettes