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Lawmakers Attack Vaping While Cigarette Sales Skyrocket, Plus More – Tobacco Harm Reduction News

CASAA urges leaders not to pass laws limiting consumer access to low risk vapor products. Check out the new Vaping & COVID-19 web page. Lawmakers attack vaping while people stock up on cigarettes.
CASAA IN ACTION: CASAA sends letter to PA @GovernorTomWolf, urging him to exempt businesses supplying vital harm reduction products, such as #vaping supplies, from closing during the COVID-19 shutdown.CASAA Urges PA Governor to Exempt Businesses Supplying Vital Harm Reduction Products – CASAA
THE MORE YOU KNOW: “Vaping & COVID-19 – Information for Vapers”

The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic provides fertile ground for spreading misinformation on vaping. Vapers must be equipped with solid information and data to counter argue!

Vaping & COVID-19 – Information for Vapers – CASAA
CASAA IN ACTION: (NEW YORK) Supporting our 15k+ members and hundreds of thousands of adults who still haven’t quit smoking in the state of NY. There is NO scientific data supporting bans on flavored #vaping products. Vaping REDUCES smoking health risks!

CASAA Warns NY Senate Leadership Against Gov. Cuomo’s Draconian Flavor Ban – CASAA
BAD FOR PUBLIC HEALTH: While many lawmakers continue to close down – even destroy – businesses selling harm-reducing nicotine #vaping products, other stores remain open, selling “essentials” & cigarettes. Stressed out adults are reportedly “stocking up!”

Tobacco Demand Steady Amid COVID-19 Crisis

And here is on the scene evidence (backing up earlier CSP report) that cigarettes – at least in some areas – are flying off the rack during this crisis. Note that “proven” sin taxes are making people cross over to lower tax border states rather than quit!

Burning up the drive-throughs: Cigarette, tobacco sales high