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CASAA Warns NY Senate Leadership Against Gov. Cuomo’s Draconian Flavor Ban

A permanent ban on flavored vapor products (S. 7507-A, Part Q) is laced into a must-pass appropriations bill, which is part of Governor Cuomo’s New York State budget.  (See CASAA’s Call to Action here.)

While it is almost unimaginable that such a Draconian policy proposal like a vaping flavor ban would be advancing in the midst of a global disease pandemic, it is not surprising that officials and activists are using this opportunity to fear monger and disenfranchise stakeholders (who, for the most part, are respectfully adhering to “stay-at-home” orders).

The bill is now in the hands of Senate leadership for consideration. CASAA has written the senators to urge them to reject the flavor ban and protect public health, especially in light of the current pandemic and the concern of added risks for people who smoke. You can read the full letter here.