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Heads Up – News – Updates 4.11.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for April 11, 2019. Call to Action update for Indiana. Anti harm reduction laws in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and New York. C-store bans vapes but not cigarettes. As predicted, one law only creates opportunity for more laws in Minnesota. Commentary on Wisconsin vape tax raises concerns.

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INDIANA: (CALL TO ACTON UPDATE!) HB 1444 has been amended to increase the proposed rate from 4¢ per mL of e-liquid to a 20% sales tax on liquids AND devices. This 20% “sin” tax is IN ADDITION TO the state’s existing 7% sales tax!Click link to ACT NOW!

IN – Stop an extra tax on Vaping!

MASSACHUSETTS: (HEADS UP!) Rather than enforce existing laws against sales to minors, AG Healey calls for tax on e-cigs and banning vaping flavors, making them more expensive and less appealing to the adult smokers and vapers who need them.

AG Healey calls for taxing vaping products and banning flavors

COMMENTARY: “Enlightened societies subscribe to the principle of harm reduction, which emphasizes damage mitigation instead of ineffectual battles against human fallibility. We provide free condoms to teenagers, even if we’d prefer they wait to have sex.”

“In the long run, then, the tax will mean more smokers, which will mean more extended hospital stays and more premature death in Wisconsin.”

A sin tax, minus the sin

MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT: (UPDATE) Human Services Committee voted unanimously this week to deny early adult #vapers and #smoker access to safer alternatives (and will likely use the law as justification for more restrictive laws and taxes in the future.)

Resolution raises vaping/tobacco age to 21 in Meriden

IN THE NEWS: Without a hint of irony, Rite Aid stops selling the low risk #vaping products that help adult smokers quit, stating it’s “for the children,” while leaving combustible cigarettes on shelves. (Apparently, they were only selling minors vapes?)

Rite Aid will start selling … products in 2 states, stop selling e-cigarettes in all stores

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE: (HEADS UP!) City divided over denying early adult #smokers and #vapers access to far safer alternatives. Let them know how you feel!

CASAA T21 statement: CASAA Tobacco 21 policy statement: “Including low-risk alternatives in T21 laws is unwise, misleading” – CASAA

Nashua residents divided on proposal to raise smoking age

FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN: (HEADS UP!) Rather than let businesses decide whether or not to allow vaping in their establishment, city is banning workplace vaping without any evidence of harm to bystanders. (Vape & tobacco shops exempted.)

4-11-19 fdl city council votes to ban e-cigarettes, vaping in all public buildings

SUFFOLK, NEW YORK: (UPDATE) County bans sale of all tobacco products in drug stores, allows sale of nicotine gums and patches, but not the #vaping products that have been shown to be 2x more effective in helping smokers quit.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: As predicted, one law only creates opportunity for more laws. After banning menthol in c-stores, tobacco shops more than doubled. Even though this works as intended, city now looking at more restrictions, such as total flavor bans.

Tobacco shops in Minneapolis doubled after menthol restrictions enacted, report finds