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Heads Up – News – Updates 4.9.2019

Tobacco harm reduction news for April 9, 2019. Calls to Action for Oregon and Maine. CASAA writes a letter to Walgreens. Advocates call out FDA’s “seizure” scaremongering in Filter Mag article.

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OREGON: (CALL TO ACTION!) Three bills have been introduced that would enact 70% & 95% taxes on vapor products. PUBLIC HEARINGS on APRIL 10th & 11th.ATTEND THESE HEARINGS & TAKE ACTION NOW!!

OR – Stop an Outrageous Tax on Vaping!

MAINE: (CALL TO ACTION!) LD 1028, which would impose an 81% wholesale tax on vapor products, is scheduled for a PUBLIC HEARING on THURS., APRIL 11th.


ME – Stop an Outrageous Tax on Vaping!

IN THE NEWS: (CASAA) We encourage Walgreens to resist the pressure to deny people who smoke or vape access to far safer alternatives. Read our letter to them here:

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (Filter Mag) As FDA Suggests E-Cigs Causes Seizures, US Public Is Increasingly Misinformed About Tobacco Harm Reduction

“This latest move from FDA looks like nothing more than abstinence-only fear-mongering.” — David Sweanor